Retro Sauce Advert
Retro Sauce Advert
Retro Sauce Advert. Member reactions:
Ha ha ha good work with it, this helped me to find the solution of my Tonic

Funny Sweet Peters Sauce by Durer

Sweet Peters Sauce by Durer
The same Durer b day celebration is up again, the last entry i put in of Durer was banned because of Hitler being portrayed. This year, i thought advertising, with Sweet Peters. St Peter was hung on x upside down , like a bottle of sauce it was a logical piece. Durers original piece was the adoration of the trinity, this is also symbolised here too.
Member reactions:
This one is really amazing job done., like the way the man is hung upside down into a bottle well merged and nice sky looks terrific with red colors really impressive

Funny Hewlett Packard Sauce

Hewlett Packard Sauce
"Think of it as the oil that makes computers GO." .

Funny Gerber Pepper Sauce

Gerber Pepper Sauce
Child Source and Credit

Funny Cardinal Barack Obama's Soul Food Sauce

Cardinal Barack Obama's Soul Food Sauce
"Well if Paul Newman can do it... why not old Barack." .
Member reactions:
His sauce will no douth give me heart burn, like he has. Maybe he can sell enought to pay off the big dept, he has put our country in.

Funny Honey & Hemp Oil Sauce

Honey & Hemp Oil Sauce
Member reactions:
Don't think they have much snow in Australia, but the sauce looks good.
hahaha, i live in the heart of it Newsy...was snowing here last week mate..

Funny Munch's Scream Hot Sauce

Munch's Scream Hot Sauce
Member reactions:
Cool.... i mean Hot.
Our sauce is so good, you'll be screaming for more
Great concept. (ps. It would've been good to use the warp tool to bend the "Screaming" part to conform to the curve of the bottle like "Hot sause" does.)
Excellent advice Funkwood, but alas, my version of Photoshop dates back to the turn of the century. :o

Funny Fisherman Catches Fish Sauce

Fisherman Catches Fish Sauce

Funny Bernard Madoff Hot Sauce

Bernard Madoff Hot Sauce
Member reactions:
Hot Investment Sauce. Low Salt. Low Returns.
Great work mrmo2. congrats on the silver.
Love your chop and I hate Madoff, congrats.
Silver congrats, MrMo2. You win this week's free stock pick from Madoff
NM. Thanks folks.

Funny Eclipse Hot Sauce

Eclipse Hot Sauce
That's Hot.
Member reactions:
Sassy turns into a woody collector by now. Congratulations.
Congrats Deb I will have to try that. Looks like it gives ya a woody too...
O Rain. hehehe. Yeah, it's pretty potent stuff. You'd better watch out. Thanks for the comments guys.
Congrats on the woody deb. great advertising work...I like it.

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