Saturday Night Trump
Saturday Night Trump
Saturday Night Trump. Got the Fever,not the Bern

Funny Saturday Night Fever with a Dancing Lemur

Saturday Night Fever with a Dancing Lemur
Member reactions:
Great job the perspective. The low angle gives this one something special. Nice.
I must say..genius background and fits perfect here
Congrats on the Wood, Luciano. Great idea.
Agree with Luna - great angle chosen here. And now I have this song stuck in my head.

Funny Saturday Night Fever Light Blub

Saturday Night Fever Light Blub

Funny Mr Bean with a Puppet on Saturday In The Park

Mr Bean with a Puppet on Saturday In The Park
Poor Puppet Master Wet His Pants. The stall is occupied and he has to wait. Source Image Page Chicago: Saturday In The Park Watch out for the fake Italian lyrics.
Member reactions:
Clean as a whistle. Lots of work done with the background. I would try to photoshop the main figure(s) at least a bit though. Love Benny Hill here, he seems so fitting
NM by photoshop bit you mean more than the subtle changes to his ear, hat, mouth, pants, and the color of her clothes. I'll see what I can come up with but it will be after the contest start. Thanks.
Ahh, these subtle changes are done so well, I didn't notice them at the first look. I now see them. Good job, and I hope other members see them too
And that is the quandary. Execute a chop so perfectly it looks like it isn't a chop and no work at all or blast it with a million obvious changes. I face that decision nearly every chop. But since I am such a cup ball warmer I go for the glitz I want to acknowledge you for a very well done job.
Thanks much Hitz. Now what to do. Think...I'll warm the cup and go with NewsMaster's suggestion.
Aha, now we're talking. Great edit If you want to take it one step further, I would change the puppet for Mr. Bean's teddy bear
Thanks Newsy. I greatly appreciate the idea suggestions. And the bear is a good one. But they frown on me when I miss work to do my chops. I just don't have the time. Thanks much for the comments Luciano and Sulli.
Full of humor and lots of frankenstine quality ideas implemented very firmly... Lion-kid-Mobile toilet-and wet pant Celeb sitting and I dont know may be celebrity in Trunk as well I only look forward to have some more idea about who the New Jersey is using toilet Out of the box hidden. Cool makeover of the puppet, very well done with the source, good luck
Thank you Balo. Eric. Yes your right, many different subtle things happening here. If you look closely that is a goat hoof under stall. My Celebrity guess that might be Lady Gaga.
It's great already, SS, so no worries. The hoofs showing in the toilet and the hand showing from the trash bin are awesome details that add up to this already fantastic chop.
I guess I should just congrats you now for all that fahrvergnugen
SplatShot congratulations... So many funny cute things in here Benny hill fits perfectly..
Thanks Gummy. Riding Enjoyment. You are welcome. Was my pleasure. Thanks Pree. Your right, Benny's body type fit perfectly. Thanks NewZMaster. It was Great Fun... Thanks Much Doc. A silver conical today.
Benny Hill, now there is a blast from the past.. Nicely done and congrats.
Thanks Hit-man. I spent a many late night watching Benny. Still funny, Slapstick at it's best. Benny The Handy Man
Oh yeah, one of my fav shows. That and Fawlty Towers.
Crazy shenanigans on this... congrats on Silver..

Funny Jet Li in Saturday Night Fever

Jet Li in Saturday Night Fever
Member reactions:
Not sure if this is just a head swap or not but for that reason alone, clearly says this is a great chop. excellent work

Funny Barack Obama in Saturday Night Fever

Barack Obama in Saturday Night Fever
Sorry I cheezed out on the suit it needs more shadows.....but I need sleep more
Member reactions:
PSY Obamastyle.... Saturday night fever well done and like the disco lights
Nice work with his suite and fantastic Saturday night Obama concept looking good

Funny Star Wars in Saturday Night Fever

Star Wars in Saturday Night Fever
Member reactions:
Good chop, but you should never dis the force dude.
Clever idea.... nice and correct concept on the great work They were the real warriors
It seems to be Fart-Fart away freaking chop what a pose Good work

Funny Saturday Night Fever Pictogram Movie Poster

Saturday Night Fever Pictogram Movie Poster
Member reactions:
Excellent blend of Saturday Night Fever idea like the stars and the shades and the Thermometer showing the degree of fever
Ha ha ha Itís a really Saturday night here when I am voting
Well done on the Trifecta Slixter, great posters.
Man you're really are good at this, with all those entries you were sure to score on most of them, and all of them very good too,congrats...plenty of entries,.
Wooowww....STRIKE... Congrats by the gold, silver, bronze, wood, copper, iron, rock, glass, paper and all those jobs that you done in this contest. In my point of view, the top three of your own jobs should this way: 1 - Titanic; 2 - Saturday Night Fever; 3 - Star Wars. Anyway, the king of this contest, no doubt
All your themes and depictions are very cleverly done, SLIX ... congrats
omgggggg SLIXTER owns.......... congrats.......
thanx, i guess the only way I could win in these contest is to strip away all yur guys photoshop skills. Everybody iz just getting too good at chopping. thanx again eribody. it was fun.
Excellent. Congrats on the Trifecta, Slixter.
Slixta RULES. Congrats on the clean sweep.
Most Excellent SLIXTER Great work , congrats on the sweep..
Super Slixter. Great posters and congrats on the Trifecta.

Funny Bigfoot Dancing in Saturday Night Fever

Bigfoot Dancing in Saturday Night Fever
Member reactions:
Yes this would be the new entry for enjoying the weekends making dance with Big foot would the appealing offer for customers

Funny Tin Man in Saturday Night Fever

Tin Man in Saturday Night Fever

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