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Funny Satan Pictures

House of SatanFunny House of Satan
Member reactions:

Nice work . . . I like the symmetry and the soft pastel look

Monsanto SatanFunny Monsanto Satan
Member reactions:

When you control almost all the united states food supply ....
hard to vote your dollar when they own it all, chop.
Grats pree, awesome work. You beat some heavy hitters here.
Awesome Pree.. Really great warpage hehehehehee
Congratulation, Pree. U are always have great artwork...
ty funk im really glad i won ,,this subject really important,, to everyone.. ,, here it is the way i chopped it you can see more detail
Knew this was gonna win- excellent work. Congrats Pree.. Glad to see your work again
Xaos54 thanks i wasnt sure,, but i knew i felt good about it .
... ty doxieee... )

Sarah Palin vs. The Lizards of SatanFunny Sarah Palin vs. The Lizards of Satan
Member reactions:
"Might as well "reform" science too." Palin, Dinosaurs, and Damon
Great work, Ray. And McCain is old enough to be Adam. Congratulations on the silver.
nice and cheeky, spewin i didnt get a chance to vote these as i had a nasty nasty nasty hangover.
Brilliant as always Ray. Congrats on the silver.
glad to have you back Ray
Thanx all. Pasting a face on a poster isn't my favorite thing, but Palin and her creationism seemed ripe for this.

Obama SatanFunny Obama Satan
Member reactions:

Obama looks nothing like Satan to me.
Thanks to both of you. Sorry for the slow response, still learning to navigate my way around the site. Catch you both again on one of the next contests I hope. ; )

While the Pope is off duty, Satan goofedFunny While the Pope is off duty, Satan goofed
Member reactions:

While the Pope is off duty, Satan goofed. Sinkhole 'Very Unstable,' Lost Man's Body Can't Be Recovered, Authorities Say

Satan in CircleFunny Satan in Circle
Member reactions:

Hillary Clinton Spawn of SatanFunny Hillary Clinton Spawn of Satan
Member reactions:

mmmmm... obama

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