Lil' Satan
Lil' Satan
Lil' Satan. NUTCASE
Member reactions:
love it. the face is making me go cross eyed. brilliant
Congrats on the silver ,, I think yours is better then mine,,just saying
Awesome chop of Lil' "Nuke" Satan. Silver Congratz, Hits.
Congrats spinner, very well done, sharp, deep, tight.

Funny Satan's Subjugation Of Tomorrow

Satan's Subjugation Of Tomorrow
Satan's Subjugation Of Tomorrow The Best View Source Images
Member reactions:
Thanks Sulli. Thank you Joan. I'm happy you detected Dali's influence. I also tried to title this in the same flavor as Salvador named his surrealist piece 'The Persistence of Memory' .. No-one really knows for sure what in the heck he meant by the title.
Execellent use of lights and shadows. Cool.
Awesome shades and thrilling theme, silent in the air as horrific beginning of terror. Brilliant work
Thanks very much Lu. Great comment Eric. Thanks.
Deeply impressive (and a tad disturbing) art, hidden.
Thanks NewsMaster. Lots of work in this one. Just my mental image of what He11 looks like. Disturbing is good when it comes to art... No.
Thanks PJ, Gumster, Elegary and Master Sergeant Bob. You guys make this fun for all.
Thanks Doc and hot at the same time..
Congrats on the gold, Double-S. Yeah disturbing is good when it comes to hellish topics, otherwise might as well call it paradise.
Thanks Wanderer. Thanks very much Silver-C. Good to see you back my friend.
Thanks Newsy. I agree. They're no stars in He11's sky. Only embers and asteroids. And just for kicks.... an occasional angry pterodactyl.
Great work Splat. Love this. Adding to Faves.
Thanks a million Luna... and I appreciate the Favorite. It had crossed my mind that fave'n The Devil might be a bit taboo for many a folk.
Dramatic... It is always risky, these red based chops. But you pulled it off with excellence. Congrats on the gold.
Thanx very much Hitman. The Devil was inspired by you. I used the mixer brush to paint him.

Funny Kim Jong Il Satan's Sushi Chef

Kim Jong Il Satan's Sushi Chef
"Little Kim" loved Sushi and had his own private Sushi chef. FYI:This entire scene was created from scratch. The counter from a granite texture; the lattice from wood texture; the serving platter from a smaller one and all the Sushi is from individual pieces gathered from several photos.
Member reactions:
I'm sure this one will be all over the internet by the end of the week
mmm ...ill have 1 california roll hold the ashes please .. ,,,
Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, preemiememe. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, Sunshin3.
Bronze congrats Paul, creative work and great done.
No 'bout-a-doubt-it' it's dinner with the fishes tonight. Congratulations.
Congrats P, quality chop and lots of cool details. I"ll bet the sushi down there doesn't stay raw too long, considering it's a scorching inferno.

Funny House of Satan

House of Satan
Member reactions:
Nice work . . . I like the symmetry and the soft pastel look

Funny Monsanto Satan

Monsanto Satan
When you control almost all the united states food supply ....
Member reactions:
hard to vote your dollar when they own it all, chop.
Grats pree, awesome work. You beat some heavy hitters here.
Awesome Pree.. Really great warpage hehehehehee
Congratulation, Pree. U are always have great artwork...
geriatric thanks,,
ty funk im really glad i won ,,this subject really important,, to everyone.. ,, here it is the way i chopped it you can see more detail
heyyy hits thanks,,,
Knew this was gonna win- excellent work. Congrats Pree.. Glad to see your work again
Xaos54 thanks i wasnt sure,, but i knew i felt good about it .
... ty doxieee... )

Funny Sarah Palin vs. The Lizards of Satan

Sarah Palin vs. The Lizards of Satan
"Might as well "reform" science too." Palin, Dinosaurs, and Damon
Member reactions:
Great work, Ray. And McCain is old enough to be Adam. Congratulations on the silver.
nice and cheeky, spewin i didnt get a chance to vote these as i had a nasty nasty nasty hangover.
Brilliant as always Ray. Congrats on the silver.
glad to have you back Ray
Thanx all. Pasting a face on a poster isn't my favorite thing, but Palin and her creationism seemed ripe for this.

Funny Gods Christmas Gift to Satan

Gods Christmas Gift to Satan

Funny The Great American Satan Statue

The Great American Satan Statue
Member reactions:
Freaky golden face
Really satanic effects. Sunny up to the coast, night from there on.

Funny Barack Obama Satan

Barack Obama Satan
Obama looks nothing like Satan to me.
Member reactions:
Thanks to both of you. Sorry for the slow response, still learning to navigate my way around the site. Catch you both again on one of the next contests I hope. ; )

Funny Mitt Romney in Southpark with Satan

Mitt Romney in Southpark with Satan
Romney offends me no more than the other main choice, but I thought this was funny.
Member reactions:
Nice to see this chop in an old 70's classic cartoon design good one
It's South Park. Started in the late 90s...thanks, though.

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