Famous French courtesan Nicolas Sarkozy
Famous French courtesan Nicolas Sarkozy
Famous French courtesan Nicolas Sarkozy.

Funny Saint Nicolas Sarkozy With his Book

Saint Nicolas Sarkozy With his Book
Penitent Sarkozy publishes book admitting mistakes in office
Member reactions:
Mr Sarkozy is too small, I apologize to George de la Tour for having been forced to "shorten" his painting of Saint-Jérome.
Great match of the painting colors and texture - looks authentic.

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy Wearing Makeup

Nicolas Sarkozy Wearing Makeup
Member reactions:
Decent work, just wish the left part was not blurry

Funny Wire Tapping Nikolas Sarkozy

Wire Tapping Nikolas Sarkozy
French secret tapes of Sarkozy ruled legal in inquiry
Member reactions:
Seriously love this one. From the vintage look to the caricatures and humor.
Thanks compadres. Glad you liked it, Vladski.

Funny Nikolas Sarkozy's Car

Nikolas Sarkozy's Car
Member reactions:
Fantastic. This car would suit him so well, hahaha.

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy Arrested

Nicolas Sarkozy Arrested
Nicolas Sarkozy arrested over ‘influence peddling’
Member reactions:
... Clean as a whistle. Hands could be a bit darker or face lighter for better skin match, But it still is great. Well done
Flawless work, nice shadowing and merge of three in classic style is really good idea

Funny 3 Political Women Blair, Sarkozy and Cheney

3 Political Women Blair, Sarkozy and Cheney
Lady Blair, madame Sarkozy and גברת Netanyahu
Member reactions:
You've got Blair's head sticking through the woman's hair, hidden. Otherwise, it's hysterical.
pcrdds, That's good catch, I didn't even notice it, Kinda thought it was a head band
great blend.... and matching expressions of their faces
I would adjust Sarkozy's face tone (the cheek part is matched perfectly though). Great chop otherwise.
Congrats luciano,great blend,perfect colors.

Funny Royal Canadian Mountie Nikolas Sarkozy

Royal Canadian Mountie Nikolas Sarkozy
Member reactions:
It's great but you really short remove the top of his head layer from the hat
Cool edit

Funny Symmetric Nicholas Sarkozy

Symmetric Nicholas Sarkozy
Member reactions:
Forehead becomes bigger and face smaller He got his beautiful eyes

Funny Short Nicolas Sarkozy

Short Nicolas Sarkozy
Member reactions:
Made me laugh out loud and choke on my coffee.
Great look and great chop like Obama giving natural feelings in this chop
I don't find any editing, great work hidden Love this entry

Funny Sarkozy's Next Job

Sarkozy's Next Job
Nicolas Sarkozy lost the French presidential election to socialist challenger Francois Hollande, and became the first French "one-term president" in 30 years. Sarkozy's loss was expected, but he kept hoping for a miracle change of tide with the French votes. Since the miracle did not happen, defeated and upset Sarkozy publicly announced that he's leaving politics for good, and will do "something else with his life" ... "something more interesting, and less stressful". In many ways, Sarkozy was an anomaly as France's president. He had a foreign-sounding surname. He didn't attend the most elite French university for public servants. His loud words and tandem work with Angela Merkel failed to stop the European crisis that keeps scaring the world markets. All in all, Sarko will be remembered as a strange mix, a wannabe prez with high ambitions that failed. Well, we can't blame him for trying! Now, that Sarkozy is ousted as a French leader, photoshop what job offers he may receive and accept, or what other "more interesting, and less stressful" things he may do in his life.

Funny Bruni-Sarkozy Baby

Bruni-Sarkozy Baby
France counts down the days for Bruni-Sarkozy baby. The France's first lady is already overdue two weeks and is about to give birth any day now - most likely this week. As the unpopular French president eyes a possible re-election bid, having a baby born while he's still in the office may improve his ratings, as he'll be the first French president to do so. (Sarkozy is also the first French president to divorce while in the office.) It won't be easy to see the baby though, as Bruni-Sarkozy insisted the child would be shielded from the spotlight. "I will never show a photograph of this child and will never expose it [to publicity]" she said. While France and the rest of the world is expecting the arrival of Bruni-Sarkozy baby, we can only speculate how the baby will look. Let's show the world what Bruni-Sarkozy baby may (or may not) look like.

Funny Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy
The son of a Hungarian immigrant, Nicolas Sarkozy has won the French presidential elections. It's no surprise. Fifty million Hungarian immigrants voted for him. Washington is very pleased with his victory over socialist Segolene Royal in the second round of a French presidential elections. In this contest we are asking you to photoshop Nicolas Sarkozy any way you like. Examples may include showing his activities and policies as French president, Napoleon Bonaparte, or placing Mr. Sarkozy in paintings and magazine covers.

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