Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon. Member reactions:
what makes you think we are looking at her mouth.
Whoa what's going down here. Eye-catching near-wardrobe-malfunction. Love the background choice..

Funny Susan Sarandon Prefers Trump?

Susan Sarandon Prefers Trump?
Susan Sarandon commie Traitor. SATIRE
Member reactions:
Wonderful job done,looks fantastic, congrats on the double win.

Funny Susan Sarandon as the Mona Lisa

Susan Sarandon as the Mona Lisa
Gioconda utopica Which came first, the chicken or the egg .
Member reactions:
Clean work, nice to see you again, lucido

Funny Susan Sarandon Portrait by Rafael

Susan Sarandon Portrait by Rafael

Funny Halle Berry Susan Sarandon and Kristen Stewart in the Army

Halle Berry Susan Sarandon and Kristen Stewart in the Army
Halle Berry Front. Susan Sarandon Left. Kristen Stewart Right. Sources
Member reactions:
Didn't know Halle was in the Girl Scouts. Funny.
Quality work, but a lot of celeb likeness is lost on Halle Berry by pasting the face onto the male head, thus changing the Berry head shape completely. It'd be better to paste part of the head together with the face. I must admit without reading the author comment I would not be able to recognize Berry or Sarandon here.
I thought it was Halle Berry, but otherwise thought it was Emma Watson and some unknown woman. You do great chops, if you could keep the distinct things about the celeb faces there, you'd come out a winner every time then again, ignore that idea I need a win now and then. Congrats.
Well Vlad, I learned something. Halle is skinny as hel11 and the times I have made a thin person and modified them proportionally to be fat, I get some loss of recognition. I was simply trying to stay true to fitting her to Ice T, proportions. I have see this happen enough to where it is probably better to save facial proportions and find a fat head to merge it to. Lesson learned. Thanks Icy, Newsy, Luciano, Eric and swashbuckle.
Congrats on the silver hitspinner. Always nicely done.
The dark saturated color palette suggested Funkwood...but it was you. Congrats on silvering.
Thanks, yep, there isn't much punch when using military colors LC. It's bound to have that monochrome feel unless you're depicting a battle in a paint factory I guess Thanks for the comments LC, Wanderer, Bob And Mr. Woodbox
Tim, thanks for the explanation of what happened behind the scenes. Why not keep the original Halle Berry's head though instead of reconstructing it. The way she looks now is some chubby pumpkin
Oh, I was just keeping true to her counterpart, Ice-T. He's a chubby soldier in the movie so.. I tried to make her chubby proportionally. But it doesn't work out very well by that approach. TY Newsy, TY Pat and TY Sai

Funny Susan Sarandon with a Gigantic Nose

Susan Sarandon with a Gigantic Nose
Member reactions:
PERFECT source. I thought this would place up top. Should be used in the galleries.

Funny Neckless Susan Sarandon

Neckless Susan Sarandon

Funny Susan Sarandon Bobblehead

Susan Sarandon Bobblehead
Member reactions:
You've got the edge of a mask on her throat. Nice source, though.
She looks pretty and cool... But where is the bottle-headed concept here

Funny Anthony Hopkins + Susan Sarandon

Anthony Hopkins + Susan Sarandon
Member reactions:
Skin tone is different but This looks fantastic

Funny Susan Sarandon as Gollum

Susan Sarandon as Gollum
Member reactions:
no difference,, jk.. .. great stuff.

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