Sarah with the Owl
Sarah with the Owl
Sarah with the Owl. This owl was a challenge to paint. Sarah was much easier to do. I had a photograph which I had taken on the trail while I was walking my dogs, so I used a few filters on it. and placed it in the background. mixed media

Funny Super Sarah Palin

Super Sarah Palin
Member reactions:
I need some super hero stuff done around the house. You got her number.
Her head could be bigger or ... are confusing me

Funny Sarah Palin All American Woman

Sarah Palin All American Woman
Member reactions:
He's moon shot, Gummy Great job HoHouse.

Funny Neckless Sarah Shahi

Neckless Sarah Shahi
Member reactions:
Well covered... she looks hot with out look

Funny Crybaby Sarah Palin

Crybaby Sarah Palin

Funny Sarah Palin in a Dali Painting

Sarah Palin in a Dali Painting
Member reactions:
Sarah looks like a queen of angles well done nice merge
She looks so humble Good one, but I'd put some panties on her too, just to be safe.

Funny Fat Sarah Palin

Fat Sarah Palin
Member reactions:
Could do with a neck and a double chin in my humble opinion

Funny Matthew & Sarah Jessica Parker Xmas Portrait

Matthew & Sarah Jessica Parker Xmas Portrait
Member reactions:
They both looks so lovely as a beautiful pair

Funny Sarah Hyland with a Beard

Sarah Hyland with a Beard
At the "Beastly" premiere.. or is it "Beardly".

Funny Barack Obama Caught with His Pants Down with Sarah Palin

Barack Obama Caught with His Pants Down with Sarah Palin
Member reactions:
Great caricature on the heads and Biden is crazy about the bag and Obama is enjoying his rip off pants Michael and Bush were enjoying the view good chop.... well done
Laughing My arss off... Secret party at his place
Good job, but Palin and Obama in the center need some shadows on the floor to really belong to the scenery

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has just announced she will resign from office July 26. The announcement stirred speculation why Palin decided to step down, and what she plans to do next. Rumor has it Palin is resigning to focus on her 2012 Republican bid for President. It's still 3 years ahead, so she may have resigned a bit too early, instead of accumulating governor's credibility right till the election time. Show what Sarah Palin may do after she steps down as Alaska Governor. What might she surprise us next with her professions, hobbies, or personal life?

Funny Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin
Last Friday, John McCain's announcement for his choice of running mate raised a lot of eyebrows even amongst Republicans. It's Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin, a mother of five, who has served for less than 2 years. Palin was also less popular and experienced than any other candidate on McCain's short list. Another surprise is that Palin's 17 year old unmarried daughter is 5 months pregnant and media rumors that Palin's fifth child is also her daughter's. However, these election VP choices could be considered a balancing act. Obama chose Biden to match McCain's experience and age. In response, McCain chose Palin to match Obama's inexperience and youth. Photoshop Sarah Palin any way you wish. Some examples are: create more scandals surrounding her persona (as magazine covers, or otherwise), create election McCain-Palin election posters, show some things from her past or even childhood, photoshop Sarah Palin into movies and paintings, etc. Here's a good example.

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