Samurai Kim and Comrade Mako Wedding
Samurai Kim and Comrade Mako Wedding
Samurai Kim and Comrade Mako Wedding. Member reactions:
this is excellent... Like the mini nuke to threat
Congrads on the cups, I just think it to bright, so I added gamma and contrast, so take a look at this picture, or is it my eyes more contrast

Funny the Eighth Samurai

the Eighth Samurai

Funny Mr. Bean the Samurai

Mr. Bean the Samurai
Member reactions:
Maybe a bit over-exposed yet a very attractive chop

Funny Obama and Netanyahu Fighting with Samurai Swords

Obama and Netanyahu Fighting with Samurai Swords
Samurai Diplomats. Obama Miffed at Netanyahu For Protocol Snub
Member reactions:
Obama doesn't looks intense for this serious Samurai costume
Superb job. The only doubt is about Netanyahu's sword. Should it be in front or behind Obama's head . But a minor question.

Funny Female Samurai

Female Samurai
Female Samurai
Member reactions:
Love the oriental style you took - the result looks authentic
Gets the prize for most imaginative integration. Way cool in that respect

Funny Samurai Smoker

Samurai Smoker
It was really fun doing this one. I hope it amuses a few folks. I smoked once upon a time. It is a tough monkey to have on your back. What helped me quit, half a lifetime ago, was the thought, why hold hands with your own death. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Life is much better without it.
Member reactions:
Great clever details and so well blended that it looks authentic. Thanks for sharing your story too. I used to smoke just for a year, but it wasn't easy to quit.
Awesome work Swashbuckle,clever and well executed.Congrats on the silver
Thanks guys. I'm learning a lot from you all. And this is fun.
I quit twice. Once for 6 years and come April 11th will be 5 years this time around. As of today I have saved $14,985 not counting the gas I used to get to the store to buy them. Seems incredible, huh. Exce3llent chop and congrats on the 2nd spot cup. There4 is a lot of work and goodies in this, Swashbuckle.
Congrats on your first trophy with us, Swash. Here's to many more.

Funny Man Playing a Samurai Sword Flute

Man Playing a Samurai Sword Flute
looks best in original format
Member reactions:
thanks. hope you'll still like it after the edit.
Great interpretation of the contest theme.
Now the samurai is playing the melody "Jere Jere Jere, congrats on the gold."
Congratulations wining the Gold, Jeremix. Excellent piece of work
Congrats, Jeremix. It was true the best in the contest.

Funny Tiger Samurai

Tiger Samurai

Funny The Last Samurai Movie Poster Pictogram

The Last Samurai Movie Poster Pictogram
Member reactions:
Not sure if it qualifies as pictogram poster, but it is very stylish. It would work as a real poster.

Funny Barack Obama The Last Samurai

Barack Obama The Last Samurai
Member reactions:
ahaha I was thinking of doing the same thing
Whose the unfortunate victim.Brutal chop-DAL.
... i did something similar... it just got deleted though (too graphic)

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