MegaMillions Tax For Uncle Sam
MegaMillions Tax For Uncle Sam
MegaMillions Tax For Uncle Sam. Mega Millions Jackpot Surges To $1.6 Billion
Member reactions:
I agree. Lotteries are taxation of the stupid.
Super clean poster, the lotto tickets are great. Looks real, though not so much a tax on the stupid as it is a Voluntary Tax for the stupid.
Yep. But you just gotta win once. And therein is the trap Great job.

Funny Sam the tucan

Sam the tucan

Funny Sam Elliot

Sam Elliot
Member reactions:
A remarkable blending of the painting and great choice of Sam. Congrats on the Silver, Denlig.
Congrats on the Silver, Denlig. Great Blending.

Funny U.S. Marshal, Sam Elliott

U.S. Marshal, Sam Elliott
Member reactions:
From TV to Freaking News. Sam Elliot, congrats on the bronze
Good looking pic and guy, Congrats on your win.
Another great job, Congrats on the Bronze, SplatS. Stick around.
Great looking chop.... Congrats on the 3 spot

Funny Wrong Way Sam

Wrong Way Sam
Member reactions:
Crazy stuff... like the way it was presented

Funny Det. Sam Shepard

Det. Sam Shepard
Member reactions:
ha ha Hilarious... he is trying his best in investigation

Funny Sam Shepard 1943 - 2017

Sam Shepard 1943 - 2017
Member reactions:
Nice look given to him... he is terrific guy

Funny Sam Shepard R.I.P.

Sam Shepard R.I.P.

Funny Sam Shepard R.I.P.

Sam Shepard R.I.P.
Member reactions:
Nice chop... good detailing and love the way the flight and the poster was designed
Congrats on the silver Rob,great looking tribute

Funny Uncle Sam Rooster

Uncle Sam Rooster
Member reactions:
Very clean and good water color effect...
Did you try with head and hand a bit blurry .

Funny Tribute to Sam Shepard

Tribute to Sam Shepard
To Patti Smith, he was "my buddy". To Richard Gere, he was "a desert cowboy". To Philip Kaufman, writer and director of The Right Stuff, he was "cool, and I mean the original meaning of cool". To Jeff Nichols, writer and director of Oscar-nominated film Loving, he was "an American icon in a time when we manufacture a lot of celebrities". Those are just a few of the ways friends and collaborators have summed up Sam Shepard, the actor and writer whose death was announced this week. Shepard wrote more than 40 plays - a Pulitzer winner and two more nominees among them - and performed in films like 1983's The Right Stuff, for which he earned an Oscar nomination. Shepard was an unassuming talented actor and writer. Create your own tribute image starring Sam Shepard, may he RIP. For more on this story Visit This Link

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