Sam Faiers
Sam Faiers
Sam Faiers. Member reactions:
Mix is not the top.....but she is so fine .
The painting and the fire hydrant are great touches here.
I dunno Luciano, I thought she knocked this one out of the park. I thought this was a top three contender but then remembered that the bigger the better the image in these sort of contests. Job well done Hobbit. Hint: Next time BIGGER face

Funny Uncle Sam is listening

Uncle Sam is listening
You can't spell "Nothing's SAcred" without NSA...Can't say anything either.

Funny Sam Elliot in the Golden Compass

Sam Elliot in the Golden Compass
Dual Role of hero and antagonist
Member reactions:
Smooth like silk, grand details at each pixel, lovely chop
TY Eric, Evirio and Geriatric. I believe it to be worthy where some other's don't. It went from 9.87 7 voters to 8.2 14 voters.
Extraordinary chop . Great caricatures, great use of colors and lights. Very impressive.
Thank you Aliascraft and Luciano. I always try to raise the bar
Outstanding chop on its own. In the light of the current contest, I would just increase the space in the composition that's given to the second smaller Sam... OR add yet another Elliot in the background, making even more of them. Two would be enough if they were of comparable size. As I said, this chop is great, but I believe if you remove the smaller Sam it'll be still essentially the same chop, as the focus is placed on one large Sam figure.
So were you the 300 karma that voted 7 Vlad. This chop took a stunning dive, almost 2 full points. I tried every possible variation in composition, resizing, shifting, reversing. What you see is what visually looked the best and what I would grade as an 8-9 by anyone else or I would not have entered. Thanks for the comments and votes, well most of the votes Cheers
Silver Congratulations HitMan, was a 10 for me.
Excellent competition... great chop.. Congrats Hits..
Thanks Champ and Evirio. a 10 is far generous but I'll take it hahahah. A vote of 7, I gotta speak up. But what makes it so interesting is we all have our opinions. I'd rather be a tool and blurt out feelings than harbor and build a festering resentment like too many people do. Keeps the wrinkles away hahaahah
Congratulations. Got top score from me; love it.
Congrats on the silver, Hits. For the record, I did NOT give it a 7.
God bless you then my friend. I really did not think you would.

Funny Sam Simon's Millions Starring the Simpsons

Sam Simon's Millions Starring the Simpsons
Parody of the 1980s movie Brewster's Millions Starring Richard Pryor and John Candy.
Member reactions:
Like the cartoon type of Simpsons characters

Funny Sam Simon Tribute

Sam Simon Tribute
Thank YOU xoxoxox It's not really a movie but couldn't think of a better way to show gratitude for ALL he has and is doing...:0)
Member reactions:
Sam Simpson is eager to spend some time with his characters again... wish you speedy recovery
Amusing chop. Just a point, some element has shadows, some other don't

Funny Auntie Sam Hillary Clinton

Auntie Sam Hillary Clinton
Clinton is 'strongest candidate' in 2016 presidential race ... ism for the win. Could prejudice bring it home for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Will any Democrat even challenge Hillary in 2016. A Hillary Clinton Campaign Would Be Bad for Democracy BEST VIEW SOURCE IMAGES
Member reactions:
Friggin' brilliant, methinks. Clever touches too, like Benghazi gravestone, and (my favorite) "What difference does it make." on the slogan. Political satire at its best.
If you think Hillary would be a good president, you didn't spend enough time with your grandma. I'm the same age as Hillary. Trust me, she's an old bag and a real B to live with, otherwise Bill wouldn't be hitting on Lewinsky
Hope not. One lame President for two terms is enough. Nice work.
Thank you kindly to everyone. Lol Re: louhodges, nowhere does it imply that I think she would be a good president
Congrats on the gold, Bill. Thanks for the great show.
Great chop. Provocative as hello. Congrats on the Gold. No, if she runs and wins there will be a civil war. 100% guarantee. I feel it in my bones, Red sates against blue and the blue will wish they had more assault weapons
Outstanding. What difference DOES it make.
Many Thanks to all I'm fairly certain, whether we like it or not, we will be hearing about Hillary running for President at least until November of 2016
Well, she repeatedly said she would NOT run. But so did Obama before 2008. Time will tell

Funny Sam Simon in Manet Painting

Sam Simon in Manet Painting
creator of "The Simpsons" And most important Hero to Animals .
Member reactions:
Now The Simpsons were included in Manet Paintings great improvement
Cool placement of all objects, its cheering work
I love the mixed styles. I did much the same I was not familiar with Sam Simon prior to this
Way cool, pree. And thanks for introducing me to Sam Simon.

Funny Boehner & McConnell on Halloween as Uncle Sam

Boehner & McConnell on Halloween as Uncle Sam
Member reactions:
Love It. Their lucky to get the gum, I wouldn't give them anything. Love Obama at the door. Great Job.
Genius political satire. You should work for Jay Leno, or at least David Letterman.

Funny Chinese Uncle Sam Poster

Chinese Uncle Sam Poster
China Calls for World to Be De-Americanised

Funny Obama as Uncle Sam with Obamacare Law

Obama as Uncle Sam with Obamacare Law
The Obamacare Law Is 20,000 Pages Long
Member reactions:
after reading this 20,000 page law, the person will need to admit in Obama Care...
Great chop, but why the unneeded white space on the sides.

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