Winter Women by Salvador Dali
Winter Women by Salvador Dali
Winter Women by Salvador Dali. Member reactions:
Shadows from the dog should not surround it. Overall - great composition and job.

Funny Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum
Member reactions:
Creative. Dali would appreciate it. He liked to use support sticks for his characters and you've employed it wonderfully here
Excellent job . In my opinio you should only desaturate a bit the horse body or increase yellow on Dali's face.
Excellent work. Body and face tone is the only catch..
I don't get it. Sorry guys. Thanks for the votes and comments
Congrats, Hitspinner. As always great painting.
I thought this was yours.. Congrats.. Well deserved.

Funny Salvador Dali's Workshop

Salvador Dali's Workshop
Member reactions:
Very impressive work, but overall the chop looks a bit pale. Consider adjusting the contrast and brightness, perhaps.
Provide what NM says and you'll have done a masterpiece.
It is old workshop. No air conditioner and filters. Sorry I will leave Mr. Dali in that environments.
Great chop. Got a pass by the source police. Yay.... Congrats on the silver, wanderer...

Funny Salvador Dali by Night

Salvador Dali by Night
Member reactions:
Well, it's not a people face swap, it's a Dali by night. It is as SFW as a Michelangelo's David.
Not sure, tough call. Float more fruit to block or something if it get's DQed. Very nice piece though shadows are confusing me of light sourcing. Magnificent composition and working of Dali imaging....
So, here it is covered until some official decision falls
Super. But I have to agree with Hitz. Your new light source seems in conflict.
Well, shadows are already wrong in Dali's painting, if you look at woman's shade and other shadows, you'll see they'll disagree, that's part of a surreal pic.
Pure quality here. Goes well with the original sleep concept by Dali
So thanks Hits, geriatric, Splat, ericnorthend & Newsy.
Congrats on the Bronze, Evirio. Like News said, pure quality.
Congrats on the bronze. The butterflies were a nice touch As far as shadows. When you are Dali, you can take liberties. The rest of us mortals are better to follow the basic rules LMFAO But hey, artistic license is what generates innovation.

Funny Self Embalmed Salvador Dali

Self Embalmed Salvador Dali
Dali Performance Art
Member reactions:
So beautiful.... very well done superb job done on the globe and the Dali clay image looks like real
Amazing picture in background this is full of creativity and the Masters head with the Bottle supply is thrilling work
Full circle. Birth to Death, and the struggles we encounter fishing for tuna. It's a Strange one but I like it.
Artistic..... Hahahaha At least you didn't say, "Interesting" hahahahahah Interesting is what people say when they try to be polite but inside are saying WTF is this crappola all about hahahahah If you guys saw what crap doodiee computer I produced this on you would have awarded it a 12 Somewhere around the 4th revision the resolution went south and gone

Funny Salvador Dali Dream Sleep Tablets

Salvador Dali Dream Sleep Tablets
Member reactions:
This looks like a recycling of dreams... which keep coming every alternative day good chop of making this AD
Now this is so interesting product dedicated to the master
Yeah, goofified brilliant hahahahah Says it all

Funny Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali
Kind of makes me wonder if great artists would make use of today's modern technology for their paintings...
Member reactions:
Superb.. This is in keeping with 2012 theme of the contest. I believe that your image of Dali was probably a B+W, that you colorized - nicely. I do wonder if Dali would have gone to digital over manual painting. He really, really had complete control of his drafting, drawing and painting gifts. (And he was truly gifted.) Would he have worked digitally. Does manipulating pixels offer the same freedom of canvas and related media. How many of us are artists. We try to do our best.
Great job you put his art in a System really a freaking thought

Funny Salvador Dali Moustair

Salvador Dali Moustair

Funny Salvador Dali Hanging Clocks on Washing Line

Salvador Dali Hanging Clocks on Washing Line
Member reactions:
^ I hadn't used topaz much up to this point. I tried to use it as a surreal effect on the background. I'm not sure how well it worked. The image never got to what I wanted as I was racing the clock for submission. But I did learn a lot in the process.
Everything nice, what happen to the giraffe

Funny Salvador Dali's Circus Poster

Salvador Dali's Circus Poster
The Tigers are taken from Dali's 1944 painting titled: Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumble Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening

Funny Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali
Show what Salvador Dali paintings would look like if he created them these days. Would Dali be hired to promote any companies, products or people with his art? You decide!

Funny Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali
Photoshop a Salvador Dali painting using celebrities or update Dali art by including modern events.

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