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Funny Salvador Pictures

Salvador DaliFunny Salvador Dali
Member reactions:
Kind of makes me wonder if great artists would make use of today's modern technology for their paintings...
Superb.. This is in keeping with 2012 theme of the contest. I believe that your image of Dali was probably a B+W, that you colorized - nicely. I do wonder if Dali would have gone to digital over manual painting. He really, really had complete control of his drafting, drawing and painting gifts. (And he was truly gifted.) Would he have worked digitally. Does manipulating pixels offer the same freedom of canvas and related media. How many of us are artists. We try to do our best.
Great job you put his art in a System really a freaking thought

Salvador Dali MoustairFunny Salvador Dali Moustair
Member reactions:

Salvador Dali Hanging Clocks on Washing LineFunny Salvador Dali Hanging Clocks on Washing Line
Member reactions:

^ I hadn't used topaz much up to this point. I tried to use it as a surreal effect on the background. I'm not sure how well it worked. The image never got to what I wanted as I was racing the clock for submission. But I did learn a lot in the process.
Everything nice, what happen to the giraffe

Salvador Dali`s Circus PosterFunny Salvador Dali`s Circus Poster
Member reactions:

The Tigers are taken from Dali's 1944 painting titled: Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumble Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening

Barack Obama by Salvador DaliFunny Barack Obama by Salvador Dali
Member reactions:

Once again freaking idea, all the best like it
congrats, i have the same idea. But this is better
Obama work is great. But touches like Air Force 1, gold court, The White House and others, really make this chop an outstanding chop from just a great job.
Thanks, Newsy. As a bonus, you get to run alongside the presidential limo when he visits your country.

Salvador Dali on Time Magazine CoverFunny Salvador Dali on Time Magazine Cover
Member reactions:

"It's Birthday Time."

Salvador Dali Made From Casette TapeFunny Salvador Dali Made From Casette Tape
Member reactions:

"I'm a long time Dali fan."
Yes, definitely very unique. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how this artist accomplished this effect.
Looks great. Inspired by cassette tape art. You did a good job
fantastic, my favorite, good use of the effect of a stamp.
Stylish. Unique. Unusual. Beautificent. Really a gem of the contest.
Wiz--Outstanding work here. Best of Show in my book.

Salvador Dali`s Modern Chicken SoupFunny Salvador Dali`s Modern Chicken Soup
Member reactions:

Thanks for puttin in all the work. Excellent choppage.
Fantastic work guy... I see a few recurring images here from your previous chops, which is good... I do that a lot too... Great creativity, and I can see lots of effort and time here. wish I had voted in this contest, you might have done better.
My favorite part is the tap attached to the Dali's belly. Good one

Salvador Dali`s Levi`s Denim Art PaintingFunny Salvador Dali`s Levi`s Denim Art Painting
Member reactions:

It's friggin' super. Love many details here. Ripped jeans are a cherry on top
a Masterpiece. is your artwork edible. it looks delicious ...
looks like funkwood detail. it is you funk. i like it.
Tasteful color blending and renegade body parts...Yosi may be correct. High marks.
I was not wrong, this really yours funkwood, Congratulations on your victory.
great work..funkkkk.. congratulations i love the color values you get ,,it enhances your work,
Thanks all and good guess yosi and geri. Ty pree, I really work hard on color hues and values...It could easily make or break a chop, and it's the most important thing to me in a chop, but also one of the most difficult to master....
Congrats Funk.. another beauty of a chop.. I hope she doesn't catch a draft.
My friend. This style is simply fantastic. Totally unique. Are consistent with each other in wonderful colors. Congratulations Friend...
These jeans were made for winning. Congrats Funk.
You've got technique, style and the idea thing all conquered. I hope in your 'real' life you are making $$$$ from your talent(s).

Salvador Dali the Snake HandlerFunny Salvador Dali the Snake Handler
Member reactions:

Simply fantastic. Love the snake and the melting clocks.
Congrats on the gold, wood-man. Awesomer than awesome.

Salvador DaliFunny Salvador Dali - Show what Salvador Dali paintings would look like if he created them these days. Would Dali be hired to promote any companies, products or people with his art? You decide!

Salvador DaliFunny Salvador Dali - Photoshop a Salvador Dali painting using celebrities or update Dali art by including modern events.

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