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Funny Salute Pictures

Obama Salutes MandelaFunny Obama Salutes Mandela
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Cool placement, and Obamas condolence to him is perfect describes this pic
Congratulations. It's fitting that you put O-MG. in the forefront; always ready to "upstage" the Headliner.
Thanks PJ, eric, Newsy and Dr. Silvercuspid.

FOR THOSE ABOUT TO HACK...we salute you!Funny FOR THOSE ABOUT TO HACK...we salute you!
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I really hope you do well. I'm not sure you will, but you should. Good luck.
Great firey work with the lighting bolts good one ...

Barack Obama Saluting the ColorsFunny Barack Obama Saluting the Colors
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Saluting the Colors
man, Michelle with a baseball bat is a touch of brilliance here.

Saluting Sydney Opera HouseFunny Saluting Sydney Opera House
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One Nation, Under a New Obama SaluteFunny One Nation, Under a New Obama Salute
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Our goal is to see people holding their hands above their heads, fingers laced together, in acknowledgement of our future financial straits if this guy wins.
Great concept, but it's a pity the image is so small. You can still edit the entry and use bigger source images
Lincoln. Really, now. Brings a smile to my stone face. Here ya go. And, SondraK posted a good one.
i foresee this sign (the original) is in for lots and lots of flak.
I did THIS BUTTON last year. I have sold hundreds of them.
Those links are hilarious. Thank you all so much for your comments and votes. That was the biggest image I could snarf at the time, but I'll try to go bigger next time. It was fun.

The French SaluteFunny The French Salute
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Lady Liberty pays tribute to Chirac with the French salute.
And the French presented her to the USA in the first place.

Saluting Prince GeorgeFunny Saluting Prince George
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"Good show William and Kate."

Freaking News Salutes Winter SportsFunny Freaking News Salutes Winter Sports
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Newsy: It took me a while to clean up the masking on the original...please make the exchange.
Great masking improvement in this edit. I removed the previous version. Please note that whenever you need to edit the entry you should use the "edit" link under your entry (in normal entry view or in full view - they will both work). Submitting a separate entry with the edited version, and removing the previous entry is an overkill So please use the edit link. Hope this helps.

Hillary Clinton Saluting Upside DownFunny Hillary Clinton Saluting Upside Down
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