Funny Kate Middleton After Sunshine's Hair and Beauty Salon

Kate Middleton After Sunshine's Hair and Beauty Salon
I've never dedicated a picture to anyone before,but this one I send out to my friend Sunshin3(i know this sounds cheesy), because your pics always have people with amazing hair,even Kim Jong Il.... I hope you like it and if your watching Sunshin3 ,I hope you like it too...
Member reactions:
Incredible in so many ways. Fantastic sense of humor.
I see a strand not looking good You should fix it, just kidding. Thank you for the dedication, hidden friend.
thanks guys and gals and yes sunshin3 you will have to wait until tomorrow night to see
Sunshine Girl deserves a tribute. Cute concept.
Beautifully done. Don't see hair obsession often. ha ha.
Great work with Dedicated picture, its good. Nice background.
Robin. I didn't knew is you, thank you so much for the beautiful dedication and congrats on the wood.
Wonderful witty chop, and great reference to Sunshin3. Congrats on the wood, robin.

Funny Brazillian Big-Hair Salon

Brazillian Big-Hair Salon
Member reactions:
OOL Cracked me up
, Thanks Mac. I had a lot of fun doing it. It won't win. But it makes a nice contribution to the contest. I don't really play to win. I Just enjoy sharing my pictures
Thanks News Master. This picture was so much fun creating and was rather simple to do.

Funny Homeless Person in Hair Salon

Homeless Person in Hair Salon
Member reactions:
Dang HH, you're chop is lookin good, sir.

Funny Dog Salon

Dog Salon
Hair Salons are now doing dogs too.

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