Jeans Sale in Ancient Rome painting
Jeans Sale in Ancient Rome painting
Jeans Sale in Ancient Rome painting.

Funny Russian Gas for Sale

Russian Gas for Sale
Member reactions:
Very well done, lots of objects and all together nice placement
Methinks this is outstanding. TONS of work here and it really shines.
Congrats on the cup Wanderer. It was a close race today
Super Job Wanderer. Congratulations on the cup.
Thank you, Friends. Have a nice long weekend.
Congratulations Wanderer, well done hilarious piece.
great work on the broken bulb. grats on winning third place, wande rer.
Thank you, IcyAllEyeCan, UncleChamp and Jeremix.

Funny Craigslist Star Wars Landspeeder For Sale

Craigslist Star Wars Landspeeder For Sale

Funny Palcohol Capsules For Sale

Palcohol Capsules For Sale
Member reactions:
So clean and believable. Nice work HIDDEN.
Good. Can they be used asslow release suppositories .
That is a cool idea. Congrats on the bronze, Retral

Funny Leonardo Da Vinci's Out of Business Sale

Leonardo Da Vinci's Out of Business Sale
Member reactions:
Ha, ha, he'll have some problems in moving with his bike .
Lots happening. Great job and congrats on the cup.

Funny Old Volkswagon and Fat Lady For Sale on Internet

Old Volkswagon and Fat Lady For Sale on Internet
The Thing was so cheap that when you got a dent, a toilet plunger could take the dent out. This is true.
Member reactions:
the toilet plunger.
Nice ad. good composition of putting the image in an imaginary website

Funny Egypt Tourism Sales Pitch

Egypt Tourism Sales Pitch
Member reactions:
Yeh... I Love it too. very funny objects defiantly interesting place with them
Excellent caricature done on the guest who is inviting to Egypt good to see Osama in Egypt taking the shelter and ready to give some shelter to the visitors

Funny Frys Keyboard Sale

Frys Keyboard Sale
Member reactions:
Master mind behind this concept very well done
nice way to design this Ad.... and a classical look also given with perfect and funny keywords in it
Excellent comedic chop with tons of work.

Funny Space Tourism for Sale

Space Tourism for Sale
Member reactions:
Thank you. Second tour for free, if you are back.
Very funny sign boards... One Way tourism steals the show.... and free if you are back very hilarious and the Hospital sign board is too funny really a great idea here
if people in foreground are supposed to be real, shadows are wrong. It looks like backgroung is flat.
Great job... Humorous too.... I thought you were Duane.
Thank you, All. Looks like you are back from my version of space tour.

Funny The 24 7 Shoe Sale!

The 24 7 Shoe Sale!
i personally have worn the same sandles for ten years, but most women seem to really love the crap out of shoes, so, i think this is a pretty feasible scenario if women ruled.
Member reactions:
Very funny to see the Motors on the Shoes...
This is fantastic idea and the effort very well executed

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