Crimean Chicken salad with Colman's Mustard
Crimean Chicken salad with Colman's Mustard
Crimean Chicken salad with Colman's Mustard. Chicken was removed from "Retro Ads" contest
Member reactions:
Disturbing hahahahaha. Congrats on the bronze, Andrew
Congratulations, Andrew. ...gotta love those grapes...I did say grapes now.
Do you think size of grapes too big for shorty. Thank you, everyone.
Great Putin shake n bake, congrats on Bronze. Grapes go well with Turkey
I will not be able to eat chicken on my salad without thinking of Putin. Congrats on the win.
Ugh, I'm so glad Putin is NOT American. Very commentary work. Congrats.

Funny Guy Fieri Hits His Hairdresser with a Salad Sandwich

Guy Fieri Hits His Hairdresser with a Salad Sandwich
Food Network star and restaurant owner, Guy Fieri fights with his hairdresser
Member reactions:
Thanks, everyone. That's the way Guy's hair is EVERY day, Newsy.
congratulations on your double win...... pcrdds... Your work is funny ,,clean,, and always tells a story... )
Congratulations. This one went straight to my FB Timeline.
Thanks, Miss Pree. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Bob. It's nice of you to notice that I always try to tell a story, Pree.
CONGRATS on both your gold and silver...nobody likes a show off...

Funny Salad Statue of Liberty

Salad Statue of Liberty
I believe France wants it back in order to start making a large Nicoise salad.
Member reactions:
My grandmother posed for me, and she's a person.
very creative. especially the plane and the flames. should do well.
Great job, original, simple and perfect. well done
Green Liberty for Prosperity and peace of United States of America Let the Green prevails all over the world Like the concept of leaves and Beetroot Torch good one
Vicspa: I think Pcrdds meant that you didn't follow the contest directions. DUH.. And, technically, the Statue of Liberty is not a person-it's a statue. Face it-you got lucky.

Funny Indian Chief Salad

Indian Chief Salad
Member reactions:
Image modified pcrdds, contest description says "photoshop people as fruits or vegetables." "as" meaning, to the same degree, or extent, in the same manner. Our interpretation differs, but the mods will remove it if it's not in theme.
Well placement of all vegetables and radish all over the chop I like the chain made from Potato good one like this chop

Funny Fruit Salad People with Barack Obama the Strawberry Man

Fruit Salad People with Barack Obama the Strawberry Man
Member reactions:
Very cute, very clean and very colorful, hidden...nicely done.
Thanks for the nice comments..
Congrats oo0cns0oo, great effort and vivid colors
Bronze congrats Cns, wonderful it.
Gotta love how you did the whole bodies, not just the faces. Congrats on the bronze, cns.

Funny Beetle Salad

Beetle Salad
Member reactions:
Now I love this. This chop is just plain goofified to the Xtreme.. LMFAO
Yuck at the same time. Me skips dinner tonight.
Preeeeeeeeeeee... You fooled me.. This was brilliant. It really should have won a cup just on goofy factor alone. Never loose that humor, girl.
thanks peeps. *hits i tend to tone down my humor,,im a bit on the raunchy side and have self filtering issues,,
that was great preremrer keep up fantastic works
Preee. I understand totally. You have no idea how nutz I can get. I don't use a filter, I have to use duct tape, wire and concrete to restrain myself LMFAO I would give anything if this site went X rated and politically incorrect

Funny McDonald's Salad Burger

McDonald's Salad Burger

Funny Chinese Green Salad Egg Roll

Chinese Green Salad Egg Roll

Funny Money Salad

Money Salad
Yummy low in fat and saves you money

Funny Schwarzenegger's Salad Dressing

Schwarzenegger's Salad Dressing
Member reactions:
I've looked at this one a few times, and I laugh each time.

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