Scared sailor
Scared sailor
Scared sailor . Adam completely lost orientation.

Funny Poopeye Bill the Sailor for Asspairus

Poopeye Bill the Sailor for Asspairus

Funny Barack Obama the Sailor with Nancy Pelosi

Barack Obama the Sailor with Nancy Pelosi

Funny Chimp Sailor After the Storm

Chimp Sailor After the Storm
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Member reactions:
Thank very much, LunaC. Much appreciated PSM...I'm very happy you like it.
Agree with PSMandrake, theme color is brilliant and so the work
Super chop. Full of pathos. To reach perfectionI would add a reflection of the clouds to the water. Just an opinion.
Thanks Joan, Eric, Sullii, and Lu. Look Closer Lu....The cloud reflection is and has been in the looks much like highlights but clearly visible to me when I click on and off the layer containing the cloud image.
Congrats on a well deserved win, really one fine piece of work.
Congrats on a splendid image and win. I sure wasn't going to say anything during the contest and bring bad Mojo to this but it looks to me like there is a lighting conflict on the floating drones. Light comes from opposite directions, no. It still works oddly enough which is cool in itself and besides, sometimes the cards need to fall in our favor. Goofs or not. I think this is one of your best. Just the mystery it evokes is worth price of admission. Congrats again. Let me know if I had a brain fart in this observation. Very inspiring piece
Thanks very much, Uncle-C. Thank you my friend, Elegary. Thanks, Hobbit Thanks, Doc Paul. Thanks, very much Bob. Thanx, Gumster. Thanks for the fave, LunaC Thanks HitMan. You are right..I saw the lighting conflict early on but ultimately, as you said, just decided it was going to work. Mainly because their are numerous light/shadow conflicts to both drones on all sides. Chaos just works sometime... Thanks very much, Tim. Thanks everyone/admins for all the great comments and high scores. Was Great Fun.
It's (almost) a pleasure to lose to an image as cool as this one. Added to faves.
Brilliant stuff splat. Congrats. Brilliant stuff splat. Congrats.
Thanks my friend, Andrew. Thank you very much, Andwhat. Thanks a million Laff. Thanks for the fave, LunaC. I know the feeling. And it was only a couple of weeks ago....when LunaC cleaned the bases with "Olive Loves Popeye" Just Awesome.
Congrats on the gold Splatshot, nice work and good use of sources.
congrats great to see someone else take first
Stunning work, Splat, congrats on the gold. This contest was packed with some outstanding entries so grabbing the gold here was a real treat.
. Thanks for all the great comments guys. Yes Indeed, a treat Newsy.

Funny Fight Deck Sailor Rockers

Fight Deck Sailor Rockers
Member reactions:
Their body language itself shows like a rock band stars.... and this has well imaginative in using the source pic to make one great lighting and illuminated effects on the floor and good work on the Guitars well done
I had the same idea. This looks absolutely real, the image is beautiful and flawless, that's photoshop perfection to me.
Amazing co-ordination...and ppl enjoying the show as I too
Nice chop,but I am confused as to what is next to the boy saxophonist on his left hand side,looking closer I am not sure if this was supposed to be there .
That was meant to read his right hand side.
It is Rocky's gold sparkle shoe. The source audience photo was Rocky Horror. Several people in the audience are kicking to the music. See the "Audience" source I posted for you Thank you for the nice comments everyone.
Frankly, I'm not that amazed by this picture…since you've already set the bar pretty high for yourself. All of your stuff is great. What impresses me the most is that you were able to pull this thing off in the limited time available. A gold well earned, my man. Well earned.
Many thanks, this was fun. Anton. If I ran down the mistakes in this chop I'd have to shoot myself. It's fluff, gloss, glib but it's pretty and pretty pictures are what we like. Technically, I give it a 7.5 for amount of work involved a 7.5 for composition, an 8.5, for aesthetic value, overall message around a 7.0. Originality 7.5... is low because Lucian and I had the same idea and it came too easy. That tells me with more people in the contest that idea would turn up again and again i.e.; Ariel9 comment, even thought it is a great idea. Originality gets high marks when I sit there and go "Dang, I wish I thought of that." And then there is the OVERALL IMPACT and I agree with the voters, high 7 to low 8. You all were very generous and have my sincere thanks
This is freaking amazing. Congrats on the gold, Hits.

Funny Scottish Flight Deck Sailors

Scottish Flight Deck Sailors
Member reactions:
"Hey Jimmy. Wut ye got under the kilt." "Ohhhh dat be duh pin to connect da two cables." Fun chop
Really freaky..... like a Scottish gowns well done

Funny Sailor and a Lighthouse

Sailor and a Lighthouse
Did this to maks a picture for my husband,he loves lighthouses. Source
Member reactions:
Lovely Hubby..... lovely light house too good one looks like a pic from classical fairy tale book
Looks like Santa Marry Christmas in advance Clean Work done
Uncle sam smokin.. looks like Popeye the Sailor Man Po Po
Nicely done hobbit90, he must have loved it … if you add a little snow, you could make it a Holiday card
Quality work, hope your hubby liked it too.

Funny Jim Carrey the Sailor

Jim Carrey the Sailor
Member reactions:
Well illuminated reddish sky with the Pirate Ship on the bay is amazing

Funny Barack Obama Sailor

Barack Obama Sailor
Apr 2, 2012: Obama offering too many promises on energy
Member reactions:
I really like the style of this portrait. Very painterly. And different than what you usually see at FN. Only critique is that it has nothing to do with the news maybe better posted in Freak Show.
Oh--okay. Must be a saying that I'm not familiar with. Anyway, I really like your picture. Reminds me of a WW II poster.
Really nice work. - But I have to agree with LunaC, sorry. Again, not familiar with the saying I suppose ...
very well done, nice painting look to the poster given
This is really outstanding to me. There were so many strong entries in this contest. Hard to believe you could score over 7.5 and place 9th. The competition is getting tough around here. Really nice work PJ.

Funny Sean Connery Sailor

Sean Connery Sailor
Member reactions:
thanks for remembering me the old story "The old man and the Sea" love this chop
Great job, Pix. and I like that he's wearing an FN badge

Funny Flight Deck Sailors

Flight Deck Sailors
This Monday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. This is a speed contest with only 12 hours for submissions. Photoshop this image of the flight deck sailors any way you wish (image credit: US Navy / Mate Airman Andre Rhoden). Some examples are - showing what other Navy assignments these sailors could do, who else can unexpectedly appear on the flight deck, using this image in movie posters and paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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