sail fish
sail fish
sail fish.

Funny Bill and Hillary Clinton Sailing on a Battery

Bill and Hillary Clinton Sailing on a Battery
Member reactions:
Nice concept.. like the new couple trying to win the hearts

Funny The Kraken Catching a Sailing Ship

The Kraken Catching a Sailing Ship

Funny Woman Sailing a Snail Boat

Woman Sailing a Snail Boat
Member reactions:
Thanks, tusav, balodiya, luciano, Steve and Tim.

Funny Ship Sailing Through a City

Ship Sailing Through a City
Spending 5-6 Hours to create a Manipulation in PS CC 2014 its all about a weird trip, its like a sea trip but this is in clouds, the ship that went from buildings and cities to a jungle .
Member reactions:
I loved this. It is just weird enough to tilt my WTFIT. O-Meter ... NICE job. I would do a lot more like this one but size constraints tend to foul up the finer details. That is why you see most of the Top chops as intimate vignettes of what suggests a larger story or close up and detailed as if set up in a studio.
I wish this was larger. I'm not sure about the bookends of plant life. This is great work.

Funny Ship Sailing in the Sky

Ship Sailing in the Sky
As many will notice I love to do artistic style photochops, this is one of my most recent works.
Member reactions:
Oasis kinda imaginary work, super representation
thank you, this is usually the style of work I like to do but I like doing challenges here as its teaching me new techniques I have only been doing this 4 months
I love the boat. It looks like it is sailing through the clouds but I can't figure out where the yellowish reflection is coming from. I like your composition.
the yellowish reflection is the sunset and yes it is sailing through the clouds, I love dream type perspectives on my art

Funny Sail Boats Racing Digital Art

Sail Boats Racing Digital Art
I love sailing and most of the time it used to be relaxing. A race could prove to be a little less relaxing. Who do you think will win this race. Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Oh me likie.... Def one of your best, young lady.
Thank you very much, geriatric, Hitspinner, Gummy, and ericnorthend. I appreciate your comments.
Beautiful, Joan. The larger size picture works well I think.

Funny Old Sailing Pelican on the Dock

Old Sailing Pelican on the Dock
Full Size source images used
Member reactions:
Out-freaking-standing work, Captain Hidden. Consider adding slight shadow or reflection from the ship and the dolphin. The original view is even more booty-full. I truly love the curious dolphin here by the way.
Thanks NewsMaster right ya arrrgh, matey.
In the Harvard draw of Thurston Howell 111, I must say "Simple But effective my friend" Luv it. I believe I ran into this fella on the Golf Course the other day.
Thank you, SS Thank you, Doc
Excuse me Sir,,, Could I borrow a Sardine.
Yeah the sardines can is a great touch here. Makes me wanna go and buy one.

Funny Sailing by the Rising Moon Digital Art

Sailing by the Rising Moon Digital Art
This is drawn from a photograph which I thought would be interesting to draw. I have gone saililng in smaller sail boats and it is awesome to see the moon rise or set on the Great Lakes. That is why I wanted to do this picture. It reminded me of times when I sailed. digital art

Funny Child Sailing on Sand in a Rowboat

Child Sailing on Sand in a Rowboat
Member reactions:
There is no water but transparent fish available....Nice Image
Thank you Evirio
Very clean work. This chop kinda goes well with peace and prosperity.
This is fantastic work of of making the boy rowing on the sand... well dine in this chop
Thank you Lucianomorelli, Newsy, Rajeshstar glad you like it
Sunshine... Welcome back... Great chop, message in a bottle is a very nice touch. Congrats
Bronze congrats, Lady Sunshine. Nice to see you back again.
Look who's back... Sunnie. Congrats on the bronze and welcome back.
Many thanks for congrats Evirio, Hitspinner, Pcr, Geriatric Newsy nice to see you back too
Thanks Rajesh This is sweet I miss you guys too but I have lot of work to do and almost no time for contests

Funny Sail Boat

Sail Boat
You are asked to photoshop this image in any way you like. This image supplied by stock.xchng. We are asking you to use your creativity and create any new image using this picture. Part of the source image must be used in your entry. You will have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Typical FreakingNews entry guidelines also apply. You can find them here. Your images will be critiqued even if you ask for no critique in the apprentice contests. Thanks to midian for sponsoring this contest.

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