Barack Obama Taking a Selfie with Elephants On Safari
Barack Obama Taking a Selfie with Elephants On Safari
Barack Obama Taking a Selfie with Elephants On Safari. Member reactions:
Congrats on the Gold (shame it wasn't true - ha).
Saw this and thought "another dig at Obama. At least this one has the Republicans in the background and Obama clearly doesn't care what they're doing, so it's accurate." I also thought "here's the winner" and I was right. Congrats on the Gold.
Clean as a whistle. Congrats on the gold, Paul.

Funny Mr. Bean's African Safari

Mr. Bean's African Safari

Funny Lady Juggling on Safari

Lady Juggling on Safari
Member reactions:
Lions are not hungry or are very patient.
She gets to be eaten as soon as she stops entertaining the lions.

Funny Hillary Clinton's Safari Adventure

Hillary Clinton's Safari Adventure
Lions & Tigers & Hillary-Oh My.
Member reactions:
Very funny lot of collection seen good job dobe

Funny Kids on a Safari Trip

Kids on a Safari Trip
Member reactions:
too much filters kill filters.. there is some blur in parts of the pics if you see . but good idea, nicely done
No, I don't think is about the filters I used an old photoshop program and I think is something wrong about it and not the filters, that's it... this time I made a crap work lool
its wonderfully surreal. the lighting is especially dreamy...i am again reminded of some sort of modern day "Jungle Book the Movie" type of poster...i love the tree is it blurry. oh i thought it was my eyeballs...
Beautifully composed. I see some jagged edges in masking for some reason (tree, the kids and giraffe). Either that or the whole image went through some pixelation/distortion before saving. Do you know what might have caused it.
I was thinking the same NM, still it is a lovely piece of work.
I don't know what caused the jagged edges sometimes when is sharpened too much can do that but I didn't abused of the sharpen filter now lool I think the program cause it because it gave my some errors so I have to install it again. Thanks to everybody and please don't judge me too hard I haven't done edits by a week I think I forgot my skills :|
Thank you Ricky. I worked everything from the beginning I like it more now, hope everybody who voted don't mind about the late change.
Now THAT's a clean work. Thanks for the remake.
Pity most people already voted on the older version. This one would score way higher.
I wanted to remake because I didn't like the result now is pretty fine(: I had some problems with the pc and even photoshop didn't work well but I succeed to fix the problem and I am so happy for that Thank youu.
refreshing colours as usual Sun, hope you got ur PC fixed
Glad the puter problems are fixed, Sunshine.

Funny Big Game Frog Safari

Big Game Frog Safari
Deep in the African Plains of Tanzania, lives the largest frog known to man. Known by local villagers as the FN frog (as in "thats a big FN frog.") they rule the Serengeti. Even the royal lions and their prides stand clear of them. They are cunning, elusive, and extremely dangerous. So why hunt them.... Thats allot of FN frog legs and they taste like chicken.
Member reactions:
glad you liked, i know I could have done better, but didn't have the time. I'll do better next go around

Funny Elephant Safari

Elephant Safari

Funny Zebra Spitfire Safari

Zebra Spitfire Safari
Member reactions:
Ah. the good old British Spitfire, wonderful plane and wonderful execution.
I like the way you striped the wing. very realistic.

Funny Mercury Safari Hybrid Car with a High Roof

Mercury Safari Hybrid Car with a High Roof
Member reactions:
a little odd, but still nice line work and blending.
love the idea. my only critique is the glass window.
Interesting concept. A slight misalignment of the bottom right corner on the upper unit but it is still a very good example of blending. Only other critique would be to move the feet of the giraffe so that they are behind the front panel. Nice entry
very nice execution combined with a great crazy idea

Funny Sam Shepard Safari

Sam Shepard Safari
Member reactions:
His inner desires got fulfilled... trying to become another mowgli

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