Proud but sad
Proud but sad
Proud but sad. Member reactions:
Like it a lot, Claude. A fascinating chop that tells a story.
I like the narrative and well sourced I'm not sure about the White Material. Is it a Parachute, body bag, it distracts mw from the perfect narrative. I'm sure everyone else gets it Not a criticism just curious.
Merci beaucoup ReggieRey et Cosmix, pour avoir compris que cette image avait une histoire En fait c'est en pensant a John Steele du 505eme régiment de parachutiste qui est resté pendu par son parachute au clocher de Sainte-Mère-L'église en Normandie (France), qui m'a donné l'idée d'accrocher ce parachute sur le coin de ce banc de la mémoire.Encore merci de voir plus loin que ce que voit l'œil. Thank you very much ReggieRey and Cosmix, for understanding that this image had a history In fact it is thinking of John Steele of the 505th parachutist regiment who was hung by his parachute at the bell tower of Sainte-Mère-L'église in Normandy (France), which gave me the idea to hang this parachute on the corner of this memory bench. Thanks again for seeing beyond the eye

Funny Sad Avril Lavigne

Sad Avril Lavigne

Funny Sad Clown of Hollywood

Sad Clown of Hollywood

Funny Sad jellyfish

Sad jellyfish

Funny Sad Day

Sad Day
this is a resubmit from many years ago, it is how I feel. some of the old timers will get it. love ya Vlad, love ya FN peeps.
Member reactions:
Hey, Jer, FN is here to stay. Please read the site news.

Funny sad sack

sad sack
trump won , get over it

Funny Sad Cristiano

Sad Cristiano
Sad Cristiano
Member reactions:
I like the distortions you made with the athlete.
Congrats on the silver, Denlig. Clean transformation. Probably the saddest moment in Ronaldo's career too.

Funny sad poochoo

sad poochoo

Funny Sad cellist...

Sad cellist...
Russia blames "Putinophobia" for massive offshore data leak
Member reactions:
Wood congrats, Mr Assad. Interesting story.
Woody Congrats MrAssad. Great job, Putin look sad, but cash will cheer him up

Funny Sad Dorse

Sad Dorse

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