Sacrifice. Member reactions:
Awesome Halloween theme. Love the pic on the wall.
Congrats on the Gold Mano. Awesome unresized view.

Funny Evil Nancy Pelosi Calls For a Sacrifice

Evil Nancy Pelosi Calls For a Sacrifice
News Source Credits; A3 Age Of Soverign - Axe base Mathias Kollros CG Society.Org - Little demon face inspiration
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Joe, zombies have holes in then, worms and generally are missing body parts. These two fall more into the vampire, wolve genre. Here is a formula. Politics atract Lawyers. Lawyers are money sucking vampires. Thus, politicians are vampires. The humor is in the analogy, it's not real deep I am a non-partisan humorist and poke fun at all sides. That said, is it okay to give it the credit due.
Anything with a werewolf in it gets my vote. Great job.
I agree with hidden: blood sucking vampires. High marks.
Gotta be full moon in the House. Great werewolf art.
Thanks Xaos, I thought it was about as good as I could make it, technically.
Joe, Humor is relative to your experience and is often intensified by where you are from. But it does not mean humor has to be exclusive to a general area of the planet to be funny. I have traveled to many countries and I don't think politicians as a sub category of human being are considered in very high regard anywhere. Painting them as retarded, vampires, pigs or thieves is a common thread in comedy in most cultures. I am sure it's not funny to blind loyalists so deeply brainwashed that they dare not think a disparraging thought but to most free thinkers hey, it's funny schtick. This chop happend to be fairly Americanized because it is born from my experience as an American. But I am sure you could find two examples people in your culture that you could swap into this chop with pure ease. If you dared It is a small planet and we are not so different at all. If I have learned anything it is there are common threads that run through all of us. I'll try to be a bit more generalized in the future with respect to those that might not get the "Inside joke" ...Uhh especially if you have to explain the joke. It ruins it hahahahahahah Cheers and be well
Great explanation and chop hits. The torn flag is a nice touch. But you forgot bankers, they're in the same category as politicians and lawyers.
Didn't forget the bankers, D. Just had to leave them out for weight reasons because putting that much more evil into the chop would make it slide down the screen. I'll get the bankers next time hehe Thanks for the comment
I don't even remember this. Who was this Joe person I was talking to. Somebody pull his comments.

Funny Woman Sacrifice on Heavenly Alter

Woman Sacrifice on Heavenly Alter
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Really cleanly done and amazing in full view. one of the best in the contest

Funny Girls Gving a Lamb to Witches For a Sacrifice

Girls Gving a Lamb to Witches For a Sacrifice
Member reactions:
Quality freaky work. Would be nice to see the source images.
I agree Newsy, sometimes it's good to post sources, might have helped your score also

Funny Wizard Sacrificing a Puffer Fish

Wizard Sacrificing a Puffer Fish

Funny Unicorn Sacrifice

Unicorn Sacrifice

Funny Sacrifice to the Gods

Sacrifice to the Gods

Funny Soldier Robot in the Sacrifice of Isaac

Soldier Robot in the Sacrifice of Isaac

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