The Sacred Fantasy Garden
The Sacred Fantasy Garden
The Sacred Fantasy Garden. Member reactions:
Oh well done hidden. Nicely put together, Love it.
Way to go Mark , Congrats on the Bronze ...
Congrats on the bronze, creative and well done.

Funny The Sacred Heart of Mel

The Sacred Heart of Mel

Funny Man Chasing a Sacred Cherry with a Knife

Man Chasing a Sacred Cherry with a Knife
View full please

Funny Sacred Painted Elephant Ganesha

Sacred Painted Elephant Ganesha
Monks from India pray to the lord Ganesha, son of Shiva. Pleese take time to view full and original pic
Member reactions:
Nice, but they don't look like indians (no feathers)

Funny Boys with Sacred Turtle

Boys with Sacred Turtle
Member reactions:
Nice concept. Add some shadows from the turtle though.
I missed the shadows this time but, next time I will add some. Thanks again.

Funny Lighting the Sacred Banana

Lighting the Sacred Banana
ONLY the damn thing won't light...
Member reactions:
This is a neat idea. Just needed blended in a bit better.
I like the concept. My wish is that the main source was of higher resolution and the banana hats had some shadows

Funny Sacred Buddha Smoking

Sacred Buddha Smoking

Funny Sacred Tuna Fish

Sacred Tuna Fish
Tunafish claimed sacred
Member reactions:
Fish are really making an effort to eliminate the bad taste left in Muslim mouths by the Salmon Rushdie affair.

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