Sack Race Ranch
Sack Race Ranch
Sack Race Ranch.

Funny International Sad Sacks

International Sad Sacks
Member reactions:
the title is ok but I like the picture, funny stuff.
Im giving this an "extra" point just for making me laugh

Funny Pond Sack Race

Pond Sack Race
Member reactions:
Nice job, In my humble opinion, I would have added some shadows and reflections to make it more realistic. But overall fantastic, nice clean job.

Funny Sack Race Lessons

Sack Race Lessons

Funny Head Sack Race

Head Sack Race
Penny for your thoughts.
Member reactions:
Double shot Woody congrats as well love the angle

Funny Bruce Willis in a Jumping Sack

Bruce Willis in a Jumping Sack
Member reactions:
Great concept, but it doesn't appear as if any of your source pictures blend in together

Funny Sack Jump Race with a Kangaroo

Sack Jump Race with a Kangaroo
Member reactions:
This one is my favorite out of your late entries to Sack Jumping contest. Excellent idea and looks like a real photo

Funny Sack Racing in a Constable Painting

Sack Racing in a Constable Painting
Not sure I've quite got the feel of this right. Any tips for getting the racer to fit the painting better.
Member reactions:
I think you integrated it well, and did a good job with light and shadows.
Thank you. I'm quite self critical and working in it close up it didn't look right at all.
I agree, hidden author You may try to copy suitable parts of the painting (use the lasso tool), put them over the racer and play around with contrast and visibility to get the structure of the painting. No filters, please... I hate them... The light seems to come from right above... the dog's shadow tells it. You might change the racer's shadow, but it looks ok as it already is. But.... the focus is still on the whole picture. The racer is only a minor part of the lovely old painting - thought she's well integrated.
I agree with TT..except maybe one of the filters would help but without experimenting a bit, I can't say which one. Wish I had time to be of more assist Overall I like it ..
Oddly enough I used a combination of both. I used a filter to get it paint-like but also copied some of the existing painting and used a different blend mode to give it the correct texture. Thanks for the advice, I really want to learn better techniques.
Welcome to Freaking News . Hope to see many more chops. Well done.

Funny High Diving in a Sack

High Diving in a Sack
Member reactions:
LOVE IT. Excellent job on making it Beijing 2008 pool, and I like that big screen with live broadcasting

Funny Duplicate Sack Racers

Duplicate Sack Racers
Its like mexican jumping beans....

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