Rusty Vintage Metal Collection
Rusty Vintage Metal Collection
Rusty Vintage Metal Collection. sources
Member reactions:
Love the mood of this one and it all blends so well it doesn't even look like it was composited... it was, right. Nicely done.
Nicely Assembled, Hiddenwood. Love the gray and the low sat tones.
Ty, yeah Rob it was all built from scratch. I'll post the sources soon so you can get an idea of the process.
Looks like some abandoned, cursed objects in Bodie. Nice one.
Reminds me of leonardo da vinci's workshop, very innovative especially mechanical crow
Really, an amazing job. It could have been a still life photographed. All the perspectives, shadows, check. I really like this piece a lot
We could discuss if some shadow shoud be longer or shorter but in this case really small details. I have no words.
Grats, FW. Very Interesting and Inspirational. Keep'em Coming.
How much hours of work is that . OMG . impressive
Quite a nice, artful arrangement. Totally Bodie, just needed a gold pan and some dust covered placer gold to complete the "untouchable" ghost story for me. You'd never know it was a chop. Congrats on the gold. If you are not familiar with Bodie, Ca and the story, this probably sounds like gibberish. Treat yourself and Google it. It is one he11 of an amazing ghost story
Congrats on the Gold. Boy that'll teach me to go on and on about how good your entry is BEFORE the voting. What a dunce I am,
Congrats on the gold Funk
Thanks everyone. This one was a lot of fun..Armatien, not sure how long it took. More than a few hours I suppose. A lot of time spent on composition and color tweaking. Tim, I checked out Bodie. Cool looking ghost town. Robb,it's tough to say how much comments during voting affects voting. As a general rule I don't comment on entries until voting is completed. At Worth1000 they won't allow you to see comments until you've voted. Probably a good idea.
Agreed. Some people use comments as barbs and efforts to minimize where others are extremely helpful. It is always the bad apple that spoils the barrel so I steer away from the practice of critical comments, mostly, and prefer to give positive kudos. Then there is the rare case when someone has really blown it and I might say something if there is time to save it. It can be a touchy subject and I think you have adopted wise policy, albeit sad. I am sure everyone likes to hear your comments as much as I. You have many hard won gems of experience to give
Congrats on the gold, Funk. Stunning composition.

Funny Rusty Michael Douglas

Rusty Michael Douglas
Member reactions:
Yikes. Great textures. Kareeeepy chop Congrats on the Bronze
Incredibly powerful chop,DD. Great match with the industrial valve, he's got that bronze color, so Congrats on the Bronze.

Funny Rusty Old Volkswagon

Rusty Old Volkswagon
Member reactions:
Like your Acronym RIP.... well done in making the body to die in Rust... good work on the chop

Funny Boy Learning To Drive in Old Rusty Car

Boy Learning To Drive in Old Rusty Car
Auto Insurance 101 Young Drivers Sticker Shock. original car source
Member reactions:
Perfect chop very natural merge, I was wondering until saw the source.
Looks so natural to believe.... the kid and the dog fits perfectly and the wreckage shown on the front of the car is really awesome... which is not there in the source pic Nice molded
I have been running around the new digs up hear scouting vintage stuff just like this and starting to get a portfolio of sorts. Great work DD.
Thanks everyone. The boy is my son... 11 years ago

Funny Margaret Thatcher with a Rusty Old Mask

Margaret Thatcher with a Rusty Old Mask
Member reactions:
Knowing her she would have polished it every day, along with her halo.
The face looks very clean and neat good stuff

Funny Rusty Robot with a Brain

Rusty Robot with a Brain
Member reactions:
Thank you, Andwhat, pcrdds, berdulano and Aplatshot.
Thanks Kellie.
Give that poor robot a can of oil and put him to work. Excellent Job.
Excellent. A lot of great work that paid off nicely nice touch with the dying flower
This is called a Mind Blowing Job 10+++++++++++
Phenomenal Job. Lost in Space on Steroids..
Silver Congrats jeremix so much patience you have very well constructed within it's parts, and the overall rust effect achieved quite nicely. I love the way you constructed the hand especially. For me, it would look even better if the glass was clear on the backside of the brain showing the sky behind it, but that's a nitpick great work.
This is so freaking brilliant, I'll just stand here clapping and shouting "Jere Jere Jere." Congrats on the silver. P.S. and I like the Dutch houses in the background too
Great elements, great blend + great chop.It's been a while since I have seen you active. Good to see you haven't lost your touch
thanks a bunch, guys. I don't think i'm back though. Chopping makes me nervous and makes me wanna smoke again and drink to much coffee and all that. Once or twice a year seems to be my max these days. I bought a nikon d7000, so next time i participate it might be with my own sources.
holy cow batman. this is seriously impressive work.

Funny Rusty Old Apple Computer

Rusty Old Apple Computer
Member reactions:
great composition of an old computer turned to Rust Even Plastic rusts.... good one like the view of a Tea Cup it even rusts Awesome Chop
The Best Entry. I love the texture and perspective. High Marks. Congratulations.
Amazing Very well executed Great job done hidden Best of luck First generation computers
Real cool... mind chopper with sticky and stinking place but with Colorful memories and still in use... Amazingly surprising idea and Lovely texture and my fav
congrats LunaC on your golden win. Luv the rust

Funny Rusty Stage Coach

Rusty Stage Coach
Theres that car again.

Funny Woman With Rusty Car on her Head

Woman With Rusty Car on her Head
Member reactions:
Another amazing image-another Bell-Ringer.
Well, this rocks. The rusted girl is Milla Jovovich, right.
Yes, that's Milla and the term Rust Belt comes from the area in the U.S that was the hub of iron and factory production in the 70s, which is about the same time Milla was born, and about the time she immigrated the era had ended.
Can't mistake your work-always amazing. Congratulations.
Congrats on the silver Rainman. Great work
Congratulation for the silver cup. Magnificent work as usual. I'm happy to seeing one of your new creations. Your a master.
, wicked contrast and colors. One of my favorite actresses too. Congrads on the cup
Congrats Rainman, I kinda thought this was yours but wasn't sure...cause I haven't seen you submit for a while. The skin texturing is just awesome.
rainman is back ... congrats mr. it's kind of hot around here
congrats..... Nice to see FW/AZ on trophy lane together again.
Silver congrats, Rain. and thanks for the interesting piece of trivia.
Thanks all, still in practice mode...but getting warmer.
he's BACK. amazing and astonishing work like always Rainman.Congrats

Funny Flower Growing Out of Rusty Car

Flower Growing Out of Rusty Car
Member reactions:
Wonderful composition. There will be a new beginning.
Liquifier.... Pretty nice chop, and great idea.

Funny Rusty Volkswagen

Rusty Volkswagen
This Sunday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop the photo of this rusty Volkswagen (photo credit: Tavogalarza) any way you wish. Some examples are - give this old volkswagen some tuning, design an ad with this clunker. These are just some ideas. This is a speed contest with just a day for submissions.

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