Herman Cain on Mt Rushmore
Herman Cain on Mt Rushmore
Herman Cain on Mt Rushmore. Member reactions:
Nice rock work, but I liked it better when you first submitted it without Obama on top. It takes away from the realism becuase he's way too big
Thanks Funk. Yeah I didn't think it was going to go over all that well any way so I decided to add some humor.
no prob, humor is always good to add, but realism is important too.... Maybe you could of made all the presidents in his image or had him smoking a big rock cigar or something for more punch and still keeping it consistant and realistic. I made one similar at Worth years ago with Bigbird on Rushmore and it didn't go over well. I think it came in 2nd to last

Funny Obama's Wishful Thinking Of Mount Rushmore

Obama's Wishful Thinking Of Mount Rushmore
Member reactions:
Renegade...that's why it's Obama's Wishful Thinking.
EXCELLENT. Just one thing. The ears are WAY too small
Nicely executed . . . not sure why he's replacing our first Pres though, as opposed to being added as a fifth . . . and maybe a few more men down there on the job . . .
Thanks, Kellie...thanks, Ganmerlad...thanks, gary21629...thanks, qtrmoonshop.
qtrmoonshop...if you don't understand why he's replacing Washington, you just don't get the point.
I was just hoping you might explain . . .
like qtrmoonshop, I don't get why either (it might be obvious to a certain political bent but not to this Dem), but that doesn't stop the image from being really cool.
glad to see you again with another work full of humor. Congrats Monsieur pcr .
Thanks, JoaoN. Thanks, robinbobin. Glad I can make you laugh.
Excellent work Paul, silver congrats Happy to see again your unique funny work.
Congratulations Dr. 'C'. Another stellar example of the artistry of the humorous chop Volume # 1.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3...thanks, G-Man...thanks, ibou...where have you been.
A real beauty of a work if you ask me. Impressive how you did the stone texture. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Excellent chop congrats on FN-POD. The Big O would probably like to have Lenin & Marx up there with him as well.

Funny Mount Rushmore in Kiss Makeup

Mount Rushmore in Kiss Makeup

Funny Mr Rushmore Wearing Sunglasses by Cartier

Mr Rushmore Wearing Sunglasses by Cartier
Member reactions:
Ha, I ALMOST did this same chop. well similar. nice job.

Funny Mount Rushmore Presidents Wearing Sunglasses

Mount Rushmore Presidents Wearing Sunglasses
Member reactions:
Fantastic concept. Some shadows from the glasses are needed though

Funny Day out at Mt Rushmore

Day out at Mt Rushmore
Member reactions:
Thanks Kell. I have tweaked the sats and colour filters back a tad. was looking a bit bright I thought
I did like it before, but it's not my piece, though I feel it had more depth b4 edit.
Great concept. Eroded Mt Rushmore--I love it.
Pretty impressive. Fairy tales meet horror books kinda way.
Awesome work John, very well executed piece.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh strong showing, John. What a statement.

Funny Mount Rushmore Pumpkin Heads

Mount Rushmore Pumpkin Heads
Member reactions:
Nice idea, but needs more work to look great.
great humor. Here's one I created a couple years ago. click here

Funny Mount Rushmore in Nepal

Mount Rushmore in Nepal
Member reactions:
'rushmore on the top of the world' greetings from Ish,NEPAL.

Funny Canadians on Mount Rushmore

Canadians on Mount Rushmore
Member reactions:
Love the concept. The texture work was challenging but you did a decent job.
Urg, I can't figure out who is next to Michael J. Fox.

Funny Mount Rushmore With Ears for Eyes

Mount Rushmore With Ears for Eyes
Member reactions:
....great idea.
One of the most creative entries in the contest. Love the texture work too

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