The Gold Rush
The Gold Rush
The Gold Rush. Member reactions:
I like it better, one more suggestion, in my humble opinion, it should have the old film grain, if you know what I mean.

Funny Bernie Sanders Rushing to the Toilet

Bernie Sanders Rushing to the Toilet

Funny Rush Limbaugh's Radio Wars as a Tank

Rush Limbaugh's Radio Wars as a Tank
The Old Tank
Member reactions:
Hilarious to see his situation good use of Tank in this chop
This is awesome... I want to be like that some day when I visit my freaky friend in next street

Funny Rush Limbaugh and Barney Frank Wedding

Rush Limbaugh and Barney Frank Wedding
Member reactions:
This looks much better especially the lips and the lip marks on his cheeks really great couple
My Fav of today Great work done hidden.......
Thanks all....for those that don't know: Rush is a fantatical neocon and Barney is a radical liberal. They are total opposites.
Nice win. Liked the skulls in roses, also did u add the stretch/old marks to the female. good job if so.
The poison/dead flowers just had to win it. Gad I love it
Kellie: I added old skin layering to Barney's body, he was too smooth for his age. Added in the black skull roses too.

Funny Rush Caricatures

Rush Caricatures
One day I will get more creative
Member reactions:
I went to school with these guys and remember when they started playing at our school dances....very nice work
RUSH are a friend of mine's favourite band. He travels all over the world to see them. He has seen this and was OK about what I had done. Thanks for your comment and I hope I have not ruined your memory of them too much.

Funny The Calm Voice of Rush Limbaugh

The Calm Voice of Rush Limbaugh
Member reactions:
nice caricature, congrats on the bronze mrmo.

Funny Rush Limbaugh Celebrates Birthday Alone

Rush Limbaugh Celebrates Birthday Alone
Member reactions:
Oh boy, this beauty makes me think of movie Hairspray.
Want me to get you his phone number, Newsy. HA.
Composition and color brought this one a cup. I gotta admit you are coming along nicely. Just pay closer atention to shadow theory. The color of the shadows you added do not match- Blue gray shadows on the left arm and burnt umber shadows elsewhere. That is a basic boo boo that might have cost you some. Maybe not, it scored pretty high. Cheers
Yes, Hitspinner, you are right about the shadows on her chest and bad about the color. Thanks, geriatric.
I prefer the same shadow pallate as Robert Scholler, Austrian born portrait artist. Prussian blue, burnt umber, lamp black and pthalo green... of course the digital equivalents. You can get the full spectrum of shades and color with those. That was probably the most valuable tip he ever gave me. If you get the combinations right It adds that rich realism that the masters had such mastery of when shading. I should probably shut up and keep these little gems to myself or suffer continual azzkicking by you guys
now the chicken meal is of my table for at least a week, congrats on the win Mr. P.
Congrats on the silver, Paul. As a bonus you get a book of free dieting tips from El Rushbo himself
Newsy...Thanks so much, the book will come in handy as I sit here munching cookies and cupcakes. Thanks, Xaos.

Funny Rush Limbaugh Birthday

Rush Limbaugh Birthday
Please Full Preview sources
Member reactions:
Love how you did his face and added the balloons and On Air sign. Also, The potato chips and the scented candles are nice additions here.
thanx guys, I appreciate it
Congrads Salis. I thought they'ed let me give you a better fight in this one. But I'm predudiced. hehe Nice work
Rush sends you a golden trophy and his compliments for this win. Congrats.
This Rox. Congrats on the gold Salis mate..
Congrats on the gold......his face is so funny.Love it.

Funny Rush Limbaugh the Radio Warrior

Rush Limbaugh the Radio Warrior
Member reactions:
Barney momma in the background is freaking hilarious. I like how you did the GOP shield too
Woody congrats, Hitspinner. Remember to see your doctor if the woody lasts more than 4 hours.
Awesome Hits. Looks a little like Letterman with the helmet on...
congrats wise man, the microphone sward is a nice touch
Woody for a fine wood collector. Congrats Hits.
another fine chop, congrats on the woody Hits.

Funny Happy Birthday Rush Limbaugh

Happy Birthday Rush Limbaugh
Opsss.... maybe what he says is not what he thinks. Source pics
Member reactions:
Nice job. birthgay.

Funny Bernie Sanders Rushing

Bernie Sanders Rushing
US Senator Bernie Sanders is causing a lot of buzz in the media as a presidential candidate. Can he beat Hillary and win the Democratic ticket? Photoshop this photo of Bernie Sanders rushing any way you wish.

Funny Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh
American radio talk show host, conservative political commentator, and an opinion leader in conservative politics and conservatism Rush Limbaugh will be celebrating his 60th birthday this Wednesday. Here's what Rush once said about his job: "I'm a businessman. My first goal is to attract the largest possible audience so I can charge confiscatory ad rates. I happen to have great entertainment skills, but that enables me to sell airtime." Today we offer you some facts you didn't know about El Rushbo himself, Rush Limbaugh: * He likes the fresh, soothing aroma of scented candles so much that his domestic staff is directed to light a number of them prior to his arrival home from work each day. * Spent the 1970s and the early 1980s as a horribly unsuccessful radio personality, making only $8K to $12K a year. He then decided to forget about radio, and to switch to the potato chip business which would pay him over $50K a year. However, days before signing the potato business papers he decided to give it a final try to find a better work on the radio. * If you're a waiter and he sits in your section, it might be your lucky day. Rush Limbaugh has been known to tip restaurant waitstaff as much as $5,000. * Limbaugh's Florida property features five homes. The largest is a sumptuous, 24,000-square-foot mansion he designed himself, featuring architectural influences ranging from the early Rococo of Louis XIV's palace at Versailles to the gilded-age glory of the Vanderbilt's Biltmore Estate where he keeps a Gulfstream jet and a large collection of vintage cars valued at millions of dollars. * Owns one cat he absolutely adores. Limbaugh said he learned about women from his cat, which "gets loved," "petted," and "fed" and "doesn't have to do anything for it". * Limbaugh's ass literally kept him out of Vietnam. Rush attained 1-Y draft classification (meaning he'd only be drafted in an emergency scenario) due to a pilonidal cyst on his ass, a condition developed from sitting too much. To mark the 60th birthday of Rush Limbaugh, photoshop him any way you wish.

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