The rum diary
The rum diary
The rum diary. Member reactions:
This will keep me laughing for a long time since it looks like me in my bedroom. HA.
Ha ha ha the title perfectly fits to the image

Funny Jack Sparrow Rum

Jack Sparrow Rum
Member reactions:
That's pretty cool. Must get some of that stuff. Great chop
Where can I order one. Heck with one, I want a box of these.
Makes me want to run out and buy some. One heck of a great entry.CONGRATS........
Congrats funkwood mate. superb quality work as always
Thanks guys. It was tons of fun chopping this one..
Hey, finally got a chance to comment. Great chop, great humor. You just is soooo good.

Funny Rabbi's Jamaica Rum Gift

Rabbi's Jamaica Rum Gift
Oy Vey.

Funny Rum & Cola

Rum & Cola
Twice the amount of sugar and lots of alcohol.
Member reactions:
EEEEEWWWWW. Great job on the rotten teeth.
Bravo.... If you can't afford a model....
I only want to know if the moustache is real.. They look like eyebrows to me.
No, no no - moustache is real. It's the eyebrows that were copied from moustache
This is my favorite so far. It's clean, OT, well done and hilarious. Great freaking job.

Funny Powdered Rum Can

Powdered Rum Can
Make cooking more FUN.
Member reactions:
Please cook and drink responsibly... or the whole family gets drunk from your cooking.

Funny Pirate's Buttered Rum Pancake Syrup

Pirate's Buttered Rum Pancake Syrup
Pumpkin Pancakes with Pecans smothered in Buttered Rum (it's real) for breakfast. MMMmmmmm.
Member reactions:
Yummy... Pancakes stuffed with Rum hmmm too delicious

Funny Win a Bundaberg Rum Bike

Win a Bundaberg Rum Bike
You could win this Bundaberg Rum Bike, but we don;t want any DUI incidents Image small because of compression

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