Valentine's Day survival rule n. 1
Valentine's Day survival rule n. 1
Valentine's Day survival rule n. 1. Member reactions:
You can break the car but don't break the Heart.....
Rule 2 is your concentration should be on your beloved.... never see what comes in your front irrespective of you meeting up with an accident
The hand extended from the wrecked car holding a bouquet of flowers is a great idea.

Funny Fat Kid Kim Jong Un Rules The World

Fat Kid Kim Jong Un Rules The World

Funny Ruled by barcodes

Ruled by barcodes
Member reactions:
Bar Codes obstructs the Sunlight to enter... Really Bar code rules the world
Good Effect Nice Background, Very interesting
Amazing work, floating numbers on the air are super thought. Very nice and clear chop with fantastic effects.
Thanks a lot for the coments Suni, Rajeshstar, Balodiya, Ericnorthend
Funky. I like the numbers on the tree too

Funny Women to rule Outerspace!

Women to rule Outerspace!
Member reactions:
All Great personalities of the Earth now come to rule the space Love to see Queen in that suite and Michaelle is enjoying the holidays there Funny part is that this is the dog's second visit
Powerful women of our time take a brave space trip. the dog astronaut. Congrats on the wood, nepaguy.

Funny If Women Ruled

If Women Ruled
If Women Ruled, you would probably see something like this.
Member reactions:
Nice sign post... well done, like the Logos
Yes hidden you are very right we would defiantly see this

Funny Putin Rules Again

Putin Rules Again
Putin is sworn in for third term
Member reactions:
Congrats you always wins nice to see him in this Crown
Great Merge Nicely done excellent.Putin Costume is very nice
Nice work Paul, I especially like the punching bag Putin.

Funny Barack Obama Proposes Buffett Rule

Barack Obama Proposes Buffett Rule
Obama to Propose 'Buffett Rule' for Millionaires
Member reactions:
Silver congrats for PSM too. You are on a roll.

Funny If Hillary Clinton Ruled the Army

If Hillary Clinton Ruled the Army
Member reactions:
Looks beautiful . . . though, the basket's not following the same plane perspective as the floor . . . at this angle of perspective, we would see the other side , and part of the inside of the basket and items . . .
Qtrmoonshop, thank you...I made to the basket an interior...hope is good.
Stylin' . Beauty. The only item missing from her Weapons basket is the GOLD trophy.
Thanks everybody very much, Black ... don't know but that's how the model hands are.
Congratulations. Now, put the GOLD trophy in her Weapons basket where it belongs. Nice work Sunshine Girl.
Joan, Disasterman, Boulpix, Pcr, Geri, Black thanks a lot.

Funny Obama Rules Tea Party Not Racist

Obama Rules Tea Party Not Racist
Jessie Jackson(and one of his many illegitimate children) look on as Sarah Palin and her husband rejoice at the news that the Tea Party is not a racist movement.. As declared by Judge Obama...
Member reactions:
Love the caricature style here. and they all seem to be happy, Palin is even jumping with joy. Palin is in the process of divorcing her husband so maybe that's the reason he's not as happy as others

Funny Mob Rules Tea Party Protest

Mob Rules Tea Party Protest
Member reactions:
I made all your source links clickable, maybe it would be easier in future should u decide to include sources to make a collage of them & then only 1 link for voters to have to view. Read here as to how to format your links.
Yep what Kellie said. Love the chop and the message

Funny If Kids Ruled

If Kids Ruled
Past Sunday was International Children's Day (celebrated on second Sunday in December). Create images of what the world would be like if kids / babies ruled. Many thanks to luke314pi for the themepost.

Funny If Pirates Ruled

If Pirates Ruled
September 19 is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. 'Celebrations' of this Day started 1995 by John Baur ("Ol' Chumbucket") and Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy"), of the United States, who declared that on this day everyone should talk like a true pirate. The parodic tradition caught on and turned into a yearly holiday, to the great joy of the pirate fans all over the world. So remember when you see your co-workers this Friday, instead of usual "Hello" greet them with "Ahoy, me hearty!" Photoshop how people and life would be different if pirates ruled the world. E.g. think of pirate movies, cars, animals, money, and of course pirate politicians and celebrities. Consider pirate sports too. Here's a good example by lucianomorelli. Arrrrr, photoshop, mateys! Reckon th' best sea dog in this contest will win DUBLOON! The second best buccaneer will get th' silver, th' third one th' bronze, an' th' fourth one some wood! Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

Funny If Groundhogs Ruled

If Groundhogs Ruled
Punxsutawney Phil saw its shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter but how good is Phil's word? The National Climatic Data Center studied the statistics of such Groundhog Day predictions, and reported that the prediction accuracy rate is around 39%. Which is still higher than for most weather forecasters. Show how life would be different if groundhogs ruled the world.

Funny If Women Ruled

If Women Ruled
The appointment of Janet Yellen as Fed's Chair marks another cornerstone in women's increasing power and influence in this world. Yellen will be the first woman to head the world's biggest central bank in its 100 year history. Forbes will be adding Yellen to the list of the top 100 women in power, where she will join Angela Merkel, Dilma Rousseff (Brazil's President), Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and others. Photoshop how life and the world would be different if more things - products, buildings, services, customs, etc - were designed by women or for women.

Funny If Google Ruled

If Google Ruled
Internet giant Google celebrated its 15th birthday today. Born as a shy startup in a garage, Google has grown into the king of Silicon Valley, and an absolute darling of the Internet. We love Google and we use it daily. Photoshop what life would be like if Google ruled the world. Some examples are: showing how companies and products would look if they were owned by Google (or merged with it), designing a new logo for Google, etc.

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