Lemurs Rule
Lemurs Rule
Lemurs Rule. Member reactions:
This is great. Funny, OT and nicely done.

Funny Mugabe's Hellfire Rule, Personal Hell

Mugabe's Hellfire Rule, Personal Hell
Mugabe's Hellfire rule has ended, but his personal New Jersey has begun.

Funny Iguana's Rule

Iguana's Rule

Funny Missed rules

Missed rules
Member reactions:
I like how some swimmers are flipped and some aren't.

Funny Cats Rule The Internet

Cats Rule The Internet
Member reactions:
Really cute, I had a silvery tabby before but now my cat has darker grey with lighter grey and is long haired.
I couldn't help myself, I have to comment again--I love your entry--it's original and so true.
The implementation of a cute idea here, was handicapped I think by the prominence of the Google page.
I didn't know just how much Google was appropriate to fit. The cat only had so much surface to work with and I wanted a decent sized chop without excess blur.

Funny Mr Bean Rules the World

Mr Bean Rules the World

Funny THIS cat Rules

THIS cat Rules
A lioness puts to rest the arguement, "Do cats rule or do they drool".
Member reactions:
Cute,I like your work,but I do think you would score higher without the borders and text.
I will take that under advisement. But what do I do if I want to get a message out. Speech bubbles aren't allowed.
I know,it's tricky.I love all your animal entries.I love animals too.I don't know exactly what to tell you.I guess I would just try to let the image itself do the talking,and the title could help explain it.I understand what your saying,and I in no way want to discourage you for expressing yourself the way you want to.The most important thing is to have fun and chop the things that mean something to you.I hesitated to say something to you about this,cause I didn't want you to think I don't like or appreciate your work.I just thought the borders might be hindering your score.You always have a great message,a wholesome sweet one.I want you to get higher scores cause I believe you can do that
Andwhat raised good points. Speech bubbles are acceptable in rare cases when they don't take a lot of space. However FN voters/members don't vote high on entries with speech bubbles. You can use the title for the text message of the entry, as well as wrote additional insights in the creator's comment section (which you normally do).

Funny Chicks Rule The World

Chicks Rule The World
Here is a tribute to feminism.

Funny RIAA Banned if Pirates Ruled

RIAA Banned if Pirates Ruled
If pirates ruled the world, the RIAA would be BANNED.

Funny Cats Rule, Dogs Drool

Cats Rule, Dogs Drool
Member reactions:
Cute Cats rules now Dogs were in the path of following

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