Paul Rudd Caricature
Paul Rudd Caricature
Paul Rudd Caricature. Member reactions:
Nice colors, good one here
Thank you, diamonds, rajeshstar and ericnorthend.

Funny Julia Gillard Kissing Kevin Rudd

Julia Gillard Kissing Kevin Rudd
Kevin & Julia go head to head
Member reactions:
Good job & nice Wine bottles placed on the table
Thanks for the comments...very appreciated...
What do you think Politicians do while serving the Public. Ahhh-now we know.
Hahaha, judging by the bowl on the table they are about to celebrate

Funny Paul Rudd Soldier

Paul Rudd Soldier
1st thing I thought of.
Member reactions:
This is really good, should have placed higher.

Funny Julia Gillard Defeats Kevin Rudd

Julia Gillard Defeats Kevin Rudd
Gillard to defeat Rudd
Member reactions:
I just wanna say " Merry Christmas to all my friend world wide on here, god bless you all and have a great day"..i spent my day doing this.. and last of all.." merry Christmas Kevin and Julia"..without you's life would of been dull today................
I'd like to see that
Funny-good luck. He kind of looks like Jerry Springer
I'm afraid to even ask what's that stuff on her hands.
Looks like transmission grease. OH-OH. You made the Top 10-congrats.
hahaha, thanks guys..i think its pumpkin soup..

Funny Kevin Rudd the Clown

Kevin Rudd the Clown
Unlawful Business.
Member reactions:
Source picture is really Low res. it would of been better if you could of found a higer res. picture

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