Siegfried & Roy
Siegfried & Roy
Siegfried & Roy. Kim Jong Il always dreamed of working in Vegas. (Please view full size)
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His new fill in. HA he would make a good snack.
Thanks, Ratheza. Glad someone liked it.

Funny Siegfried & Roy Wedding

Siegfried & Roy Wedding
News Item: Siegfried and Roy were married yesterday in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. Siegfried was resplendent in spangly black tights, while Roy wore a delicate lace veil where his head used to be.
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Siegfried & Roy replace R. Gere and J. Roberts in the sequel "BiteAway Bride"...
horrible, horrible taste. god awful. but clever, so you get a 7 from me.
"You may now maul.. er, kiss the bride." Good one.
I think I'm gonna die laughing...
how is the groom gonna kiss the bride. Men, the night gonna be fantastic

Funny Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried and Roy
Dear Siegfried, I quit. Roy already knows of my decision.
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Had my best laugh this morning with this one

Funny Stamp Siegfried and Roy

Stamp Siegfried and Roy
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The Lion may sleep tonight but the tiger eats tonight.

Funny Siegfried and Roy Frosted Flakes

Siegfried and Roy Frosted Flakes
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Hahhaah you can take this chop two ways. Good thing they are not noted for their work with toucans

Funny Roy Scheider in Jaws

Roy Scheider in Jaws
William Friedkin on Roy Scheider

Funny Roy Orbison Cyclops

Roy Orbison Cyclops
Roy Orbison

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