Marble Row
Marble Row
Marble Row. They created the market. Might as well capitalize on it.
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Very grave statement, clean and good chop
Very grave statement, clean and good chop
Great idea and excellent blend onto the stone 😎

Funny Man in a Row Boat Painting Dinosaurs

Man in a Row Boat Painting Dinosaurs

Funny Mighty Joe Gorilla with his Row Boat

Mighty Joe Gorilla with his Row Boat
I think Joe is upset that there is no water for his boat.
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I think this was the guy who took out my gallbladder out. Mean looking.
, Hobbit. Nope it wasn't this guy. Joe is a Dentist.
Yes he looks angry, and his tormentor is going to have to be very quick Love it.
Awesome chop... nice skills shown here.. Gorilla looks dull by seeing the tiny crow Like the dark theme
Thanks very much, UncleChamp. Thank you Rajeshstar. ... Gummy.
I was referring to the gorilla, the Dr. I had his face look like that.
Thanks Joan, Hobbit90, and Swashbuckle. I know Hobbit, I was just being silly.
Hobbit. I am on my A55, this is superb
Has soooo much charm hahahaahh I love it. Congrats on the cup
Thanks Doc.... It has a hint of funny to it...maybe some of your humor is rubbing off on me. Thanks, Gumster Thank you Hit-man. Sup DD. Thanks Very Much. Thank you very much, Bob.
Congrats SplatShot.. A marvelous chop, with personality plus..
I love your work SplatShot,another awesome entry.congrats on the bronze my friend😄
Thanks UncleC. The sky is upside down... Thank you very much, Andwhat.
Congrats, SplatShot. I hope the bird will not get hurt.
Congrats on the bronze, Splat. Done in the best traditions of Dark comedy, hahaha.
Thanks Hobbit, Wanderer, Newsy, and Lucido. I think the baby bird will be okay Andrew. I picture the gorilla as just a grumpy friend.

Funny Obama Rowing a Boat Over a Waterfall

Obama Rowing a Boat Over a Waterfall
Member reactions:
The king said "He who loves me, follows me..."
Totally sums up the sentiment of 1/2 the country Well done
He said, you Follow me boys I will show your dream world..
Thanks guys, Really appreciate all the great comments :0)
great caricature and hopefully some followers
Best of show content hahahaah Great.... Congrats on the woody
Thank you all for the VERY nice comments :0)

Funny Boy Rowing a Boat at Night

Boy Rowing a Boat at Night
Member reactions:
It is all in the interpretation, huh, Luciano. I commend you on creating "art". You make us think, WTF is happening here. I tip my hat to you

Funny The Obama's on Skid Row

The Obama's on Skid Row
down with tyrants

Funny Andy Williams Rowing on Moon River

Andy Williams Rowing on Moon River
Andy Williams dies at age 84 Besides a long singing career, Andy Williams also gave a start to the careers of Donnie and Marie Osmond when they were just children.
Member reactions:
Lovely Moon behind illuminating the whole image good to see Andy is rowing towards the Moon love this chop
WoW cool chop..I can see a clear hands with creative mind.. Love it
Superb Nice effects, Color and contrast also superb
Wonderful tribute. Congrats on the wood, Paul - 3 out of 4 ain't bad. ;D

Funny British Rowing Team Postage Stamp

British Rowing Team Postage Stamp
Member reactions:
Good design Nice stamp for the Olympics 2012...

Funny Angela Merkel Rowing in the Olympics Postage Stamp

Angela Merkel Rowing in the Olympics Postage Stamp

Funny The Queen Rowing a Boat at Her Jubilee

The Queen Rowing a Boat at Her Jubilee
The Queen's Celebration
Member reactions:
wwww , i love this . but i am not seeing the shadow of the Queen . Which is a GOOD thing .... ..... High scores indeed ...
Your the man Hidden , Great Chop once again ....
Excellent chop hidden ... nice touch with the colored jet trails
Love it. Better the second viewing-in FULL VIEW.
Mindblowing & Hillaious job done she looks very cute
Off with your head hidden, straight to the Tower. Seriously, I have to admit this a very well put together entry. So pleased you have kept Her Majesty's face looking natural. Such a shame Concorde has been grounded for ever. Wonderful aircraft.
This is the real celebrations done at the Carnival very funny to see the queen enjoying like a kid
Thanks, everyone. Appreciate the nice comments.
Cutie baby careful with not get/make wet
Very cute pic,love it. Congrats on the win.
Gold Congrats Paul ...:
Thanks, PJ. Thanks, Chili Man. Thanks, Lady Sunshin3.
Congrats on the Gold. Why'd you remove the hook from the boat that the oar rests in. Notice I didn't say anything about reflections. Oops...

Funny Row That Boat

Row That Boat
This Thursday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Boats were used since the ancient times for transportation and fishing. There are numerous accounts of shipwrecks, when people were able to use small boats to survive in the ocean for months, catching rainwater and fishing, until they were finally picked up by some passing ship. Photoshop this photo of the Chinese boy rowing a boat any way you wish. Some examples are - show where the boy may be heading to, what or whom he may be escaping from, etc. Many thanks to Brad Hammonds for providing the source photo.

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