L'oiseau rouge
L'oiseau rouge
L'oiseau rouge.

Funny Officers Down in Dallas now Batton Rouge

Officers Down in Dallas now Batton Rouge
Officer Down
Member reactions:
Very nice chop, I really like it, very sad about our Men in Blue, congrats on your win.
Congrats on the Bronze, Hits. Great job, with an emotional topic.
Thanks Bob and Pree. I don't even feel right about accepting kudos for this one for clearly obvious reasons. But thanks for the approval Also TY Champ, HH, gummy and Andrew
Hits congrats. I'm so glad this wasn't lost in the contest. Its clean simple and so so sweet ,,perfect work..
Grats spinner, nice tribute, horrible reality.

Funny Moulin Rouge Dancing Rabbit

Moulin Rouge Dancing Rabbit
Hot bunny dancer
Member reactions:
A bunny dancing the french cancan at the moulin rouge . Great idea and good title .
Wonderful dancing pose like a Carnival... if you could add little fur to the upper body then it could be awesome

Funny The Moulin Rouge Birdhouse

The  Moulin Rouge Birdhouse

Funny Les Moulins a vent Rouge

Les Moulins a vent Rouge
Original painting = Vincent Willem van Gogh - Farmhouse in Provence, 1888

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