Rotten Politics System
Rotten Politics System
Rotten Politics System. Main idea: octopus represents the arms of the system, characters changing is the reality than we see on media and the money machine is working on the people souls no matter how much they suffer. The rotten apple represents the main food the system feeds to to work. I dont have nothing against Obama but I have smth against my country government which is exactly like this so lets say i got inspired from my country bad situation.
Member reactions:
Nice job but help me out here what parts are from the Oval Office.
Fantastic chop on itself but I wish more elements were used from the source image than just the two heads.
Congrats-I, still, think this image is a knockout.
Really excellent. I was going to write in comments, "quick' add the couch... They'll ding ya if you don't but got all distracted by some other matters and never got back to comment on this contest til much later and by then.. to late. Now I feel a bit neglegent. Anyway, I have made the same boo-boo in the "picture supplied" type contests and not kept enough related elements. Maybe we all have challanged that tradition if you've been around long enough. As a consolation, your chop is better than that goofball's that won.

Funny Dirty Rotten Scumbags

Dirty Rotten Scumbags
Member reactions:
The trith alweays hurts, but without eat the wound can never be healed.

Funny Barack Obama The Rotten Egg

Barack Obama The Rotten Egg
Henryetta, not another rotten egg, this one smells worst then the rest of them dear.
Member reactions:
Freaky - especially the yolk coming out of his mouth.

Funny Rotten Apple Mac

Rotten Apple Mac
Member reactions:
Please edit the entry as magazine cover or newspaper front page, as contest directions ask.
Congrats Slixter.. Very awesome, great look.
cant beleive how little effort is needed to make bronze..
To be or not to be in the state of Apple.
Yep BIG on the AWWWEEE factor hey Ace, that's what will get you in the top three

Funny Stonehenge Rotten Teeth

Stonehenge Rotten Teeth
Straightening out Stonehenge.
Member reactions:
Ewwww... With teeth like that, they need more then braces. ... Good job.
now he can break anything ith his teeth , great idea

Funny Rotten


Funny Rotten

Member reactions:
Not a image I'd want to wake up to, but your imagination is absolutely killer..... Bravo.
Yes NM, that's exactly what I thought... funny chop nuntheless

Funny Dirty Rotten Jerks

Dirty Rotten Jerks

Funny Apple Become A Rotten Fruit

Apple Become A Rotten Fruit
Apple store customer satisfaction begins to plummet as company ditches legendary focus on customer service

Funny Johnny Rotten and Johnny Cash

Johnny Rotten and Johnny Cash
Member reactions:
You may want to edit out the bird finger from JC or image will be deleted. Please read FAQ
Sorry for any offence caused with the bird

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