Obama and Putin at Diana Ross' Birthday Party
Obama and Putin at Diana Ross' Birthday Party
Obama and Putin at Diana Ross' Birthday Party. Member reactions:
Haa Putin got what he deserves great chop with well illuminated... Like the vodka and the gift of Obama here good one
Fine job, congrats on the gold. You wavered on the likeness a little but you haven't seen her for five generations like a lot of us. I notice if you are not real familiar with a celeb it is very easy to wander away from the likeness. Big lesson there for all choppers. Like Luciano said, impressive use of colors. Very sweet.
Congrats on the gold, Elegary. Many fine touches in this chop

Funny Diana Ross and a Black Panther

Diana Ross and a Black Panther
Member reactions:
Like the comparision of Panther to her... good work
What's not to like, great job and congrats
Congrats on the bronze, Andrew. Clever idea about that clock time.
Thank you, Hitspinner, Elegary and NewsMaster.

Funny Bob Ross Painting Obama as a Woman

Bob Ross Painting Obama as a Woman
Our 1st Black, Transvestite, Marble Playing Stoner Prez.

Funny Diana Ross Upside Down

Diana Ross Upside Down
"Upside down ... boy you turn me, inside out and ... round and round ..."

Funny Paul Ross- Call of Duty

Paul Ross- Call of Duty
thanks to Pauls source image he now has an epic movie to star in. Please view in Hd, Trust me its alot better close up. I hope you enjoy it.
Member reactions:
WHOA. Grab yer Dentures, Citizen-he's Gummin' for you.
Excellent work on the face.... nice color balance and great texture used to show it was a part of this pic well done
Paul.. You look terrific. Nice work
Should have given him braces hahahahaha Great job.

Funny Man Painting Trees in the Bob Ross Acadamy

Man Painting Trees in the Bob Ross Acadamy
Member reactions:
Genius concept. The street artist fits perfectly here. Congrats on the bronze, slick.

Funny Bob Ross Etch-A-Sketch

Bob Ross Etch-A-Sketch
Bob Ross will teach you how to be a expert on the Magic Screen.

Funny Paul Ross Discount Dentist

Paul Ross Discount Dentist
Also know as pcrdds.
Member reactions:
What an incredibly good looking guy. Yet another superb chop.
Hahaha.....The Laughing Gas must be the secret behind all the funny Chops.......Excellent Work
Hahaha, I think Paul signed a contract with Black & Decker. Wonderful job.
Another spot-on placement at #2. Congratulations.
Thanks all...Now I have to go get some morphine and my new dentures.

Funny Bob Ross Drawing in the Pool

Bob Ross Drawing in the Pool
In trying to keep in line with the Bob Ross image on TV, he's wearing a shirt in the water - it's the Bob Ross way.
Member reactions:
Nice one. I'd add some shadow from the drawing hand
Thanks for the suggestion, Newsie. I'm going to ask for vanishing point (for shadows) help in discussion board after the contest is over.
Congrats Dox. This ones hilarious. I used to love watching him on sunday afternoon making his happy little landscapes.
Doxi.... You have wood...... And girl, you deserve it, I cracked up at this chop... Congrads.
Preemie: THANKS. Funk: THANKS.. I thought of having him paint happy trees...but the focus was supposed to be a drawing...I too enjoyed watching his videos. I have a background in medical records, and I was surprised to find out on his Wikipedia page this week that HE had a medical records background in the Air Force. Hit: THANKS. I used your suggestion on sharpening up the Ross photo I used as a source and it really helped.

Funny Bob Ross Painting Penguins

Bob Ross Painting Penguins
He could knock out a painting in the time it takes most of us to make a sandwich. R.I.P. Bob Ross 1942-1995
Member reactions:
Quality tribute to Bob Ross. Goes nicely with your comment too (about the sandwich)

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