Prospector Paul Ross
Prospector Paul Ross
Prospector Paul Ross. Member reactions:
I liked this one a lot and am surprised it scored lower than I expected. Whatever-good chop HoHouse.

Funny Paul Ross King of the Political Photoshoppers

Paul Ross King of the Political Photoshoppers
Member reactions:
Nods, it's always a loss when an artist passes
Thank you, everyone. Still don't believe we would't see pictures from Paul and his friendly advises.

Funny Paul Ross The Smile Maker in Heaven

Paul Ross The Smile Maker in Heaven
R.I.P. Doc
Member reactions:
Nice, Gummy. I thought this one might place

Funny Paul Ross TV

Paul Ross TV
There was always something good on Paul's channel. This was done to mimic the screen from Netflix when you sign in on television. Paul and I go back five years and probably have emailed each other 3000 times or more during that five years. Paul was one of my first fans, always had good things to say, that encouraged me. I knew he was sick but I didn't think, or he didn't come on as if it was something serious but more of a miserable hassle. To find out that he is now gone was devastating, I just couldn't look at his picture to do a headshot, so I did this. FN lost its ambassador.
Member reactions:
It's so true what you wrote "FN lost its ambassador." RIP, Paul, you were a true friend to many of us at FN
Sorry for the loss. Great respect for Paul.

Funny Paul Ross the Photoshopping Clown

Paul Ross the Photoshopping Clown
So long Paul, Thanks for the giggles.
Member reactions:
Beautiful, sure will be missed, very sad news, God Bless his love ones.
He was a cheerful man, and made us laugh - the chop shows his spirits, and is an excellent tribute
Yep another silver devil. Thanks Gummy, Newsy, Luciano, and Crafty
You captured some of his mischeif in this. Nice job Hits
This is my favorite -- beautiful tribute.

Funny Paul Ross Photoshop Tribute

Paul Ross Photoshop Tribute
the smile is a keeper
Member reactions:
Great idea to respect Paul's contributions and achievements.

Funny Diane Ross the Legend

Diane Ross the Legend
Member reactions:
She looks much prettier in shorter hair looks awesome and the background as well
Nice idea, but the dress is quite low-res

Funny Diana Ross Michael Jackson Hybrid

Diana Ross Michael Jackson Hybrid
Member reactions:
Perfect merge... she can only replace the legend place... good one

Funny Diana Ross At Seventy

Diana Ross At Seventy
Member reactions:
Quite good caricature. The pie made of records is a clever touch.
Turning 70 and still looking as a new diva good one like the concept of Musical cake decorated with records
You kept the likeness like a seasoned pro. Congrats on the cup, Doc The diamond studded microphone is a great touch
Congrats on the silver, Paul. That cake is a cherry on top.
Thanks, G-Man, Andrew, Tim, Elegary and Newsy.

Funny Diana Ross Turns 70

Diana Ross Turns 70
Member reactions:
Now that is a different approach.. Cool, congrats on the woody Icy.
Congrats on the wood, Icy. Like that 70 pendant.

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