Pres Trump and Betsy Ross
Pres Trump and Betsy Ross
Pres Trump and Betsy Ross. President Trump Loves the Country and our American Flag. God Bless the USA
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Joliment fait, la mise en valeur et l'intégration, quelque peu froissé mais sans rides, dans le 21ième siècle, du premier drapeau cousu des mains de Betsy Ross avec quelques étoiles supplémentaires évidemment 👍 Nicely done, the enhancement and integration, somewhat wrinkled but without wrinkles, in the 21st century, of the first flag sewn from the hands of Betsy Ross with some extra stars obviously 👍
Congrads on the Bronze cup,very America and great concept.
Congrats on the Cup, Hobbit. The OOB Concept here is Fantastic.
Love it. Fantastic OOB done with class. The flag interaction between the Prez and Betsy is an awesome touch, Hobbit. Congrats on the Bronze Cup.
Really ties the painting and trump together...great job

Funny Diana Ross with an Upside Down Head

Diana Ross with an Upside Down Head
...Inside out And round and round
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One of my faves in the contest - looks like a beard.

Funny Paul Ross by Magritte

Paul Ross by Magritte
R.I.P. Paul. Paul Ross passed away
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Reminds me of The Thing, intense.. Excellent work
Excellent work. R.I.P my friend
Great twisted tribute to our friend Paul, who has left us so unexpectedly...
Excellent Surrealism, Reminds me of Dali. Wonderful tribute to Paul Ross
Knew this was yours. Excellent work but a little terrifying hahahahahaha Bronzies....
Amazing, You Magic. I like it. and Congrats on the Bronze

Funny Paul Ross the Master Artist with Dozer and Amos

Paul Ross the Master Artist with Dozer and Amos
Dr Paul Ross, now among the Masters, like Rembrandt. With his beloved Great dane x GSD, Dozer and Amos, his favourite parrot. What a happy reuniion. No need for Dentists in Heaven. Dear Paul you are much missed here on Earth.
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This shows his two beloved pets, Paul would have loved it

Funny Paul Ross the Photoshopping Dentist

Paul Ross the Photoshopping Dentist

Funny Seal Painting Paul Ross with Whiskers

Seal Painting Paul Ross with Whiskers
I re-porpoised (or is that a walrus) one of Doc's chops, I'm sure he would approve.

Funny The Champ Paul Ross

The Champ Paul Ross
When the pawns fell away, there was only the original basking in the glory of his gold ...
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Looking at his stats page, this is exactly what comes to mind. Excellent tribute
Came back to say goodbye to Paul. Very sad news.

Funny Paul Ross Artistic Memories

Paul Ross Artistic Memories
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RIP Paul, you've left us lots of chops to enjoy

Funny Paul Ross the Wizard

Paul Ross the Wizard
Headmaster at Freaking News

Funny Paul Ross at the Dentist

Paul Ross at the Dentist
Some dentists require more persuasion than others (cause they know what's coming.). RIP Paul.

Funny Remembering Paul Ross

Remembering Paul Ross
As some of you have already heard, FN veteran member, great artist and friend, Paul Ross, known as pcrdds, passed away on Thursday, October 29. This comes as a shock to the FN community and most people who knew Paul. He was admitted into the hospital on Sunday, and died suddenly from a series of unforeseen health complications. You can post final good-byes on Paul's facebook wall. His humor and art was a guidance to many of us at FN. Through 5 years he's been with us, Paul did over 1500 chops and posted numerous comments. RIP, dear friend, you will be missed. To pay tributes to Paul Ross, photoshop him any way you wish. Here are two recent source photos of him: source 1, source 2 Many thanks to PSMandrake for the themepost.

Funny Diana Ross

Diana Ross
African-American singer and actress Diana Ross is turning 70 on March 26. Born and raised in Detroit, Ross rose to fame in the 60s as a leading singer of her band "The Supremes", which rivaled "The Beatles" in popularity at the time. Ross sold over 100 million records combined during her career in "The Supremes" and the subsequent solo career after leaving the band in 1970. In 1993 The Guinness Book Of World Records named Ross the most successful female artist ever. For the upcoming 70th birthday of Diana Ross, photoshop her any way you wish. Image credit: European Pressphoto Agency

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