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Funny Rose Pictures

A rose from Homer s graveFunny A rose from Homer s grave
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Sailing by the Rising MoonFunny Sailing by the Rising Moon
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This is drawn from a photograph which I thought would be interesting to draw. I have gone saililng in smaller sail boats and it is awesome to see the moon rise or set on the Great Lakes. That is why I wanted to do this picture. It reminded me of times when I sailed. digital art
much well done the viet boat... bravo

House of the Rising SunFunny House of the Rising Sun
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It was the first song I heard from an English rock band in the early 60's and never left my brain, a tribute to Eric Burdon and the Animals.
Okay-now yer' getting it. Take more drugs...
Wild world you have built here. Me likey.

Adrien Brody and Bully Smell the RosesFunny Adrien Brody and Bully Smell the Roses
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Excellent Job. I Love the way you put the two together.
Thank You Nanny. I appreciate your comments.
Thank you Wanderer, for your uplifting words..
Thanks Newsy, I agree, they could be twins hehe

Rose - Life - SurvivalFunny Rose - Life - Survival
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How long do you give it.
VERY impressive work. Would make a nice motivational poster. Answer to your question: I give it as long as photoshop lives on.
Cool strawed anhydrous beauty of dried Vs Live idea
This chop gives one message "Be stick to your hopes.... what ever may be the hurdles come into your life. you need to believe on your capabilities" The stronger the winner good chop using the land cracks and the rose is still standing and booming
I just love the symbolism of this entry. Congratulations on the silver.

The Dark Park RisesFunny The Dark Park Rises
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Awesome usage of Southpark characters in Dark Knight rises movie poster well done and good merge

Rise of the MachineFunny Rise of the Machine
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has an alleged substance abuse problem but denies it (even though there is a video circulating and he's been caught before) and intends on running for Mayor again.. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has no plans to step aside For those asking the KFC bucket is throwback to last years scandal: Did Mayor Rob Ford chicken out on diet. Yes, our mayor is crazy.
He's nuts alright.......anyone for a game of touch football. GREAT WORK HIDDEN.
Wonderful and very creative.... KFC chicken for him is Out of the Box
Dieting is not his cup of tea... it's his cup of Crisp chicken great job done
Congratulations on Gold jest3r... Sorry about your Mayor. Most governments are failures.
Congrats on the gold, Jester. Awesome to see you again.

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guys, today is the 25th anniversary of my wedding ... 25 years of love ... and a lot of patience ... believe me.
grassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssies amico mio........
25 years is practically a lifetime. If you are still together is a sign that their bets were right address. I hope to see this same photo from here another 25 years. Congratulations to you and your wife, for they are worthy representatives of the team of winners.
Nice Color Contrast and shades good effects
Very congratulations to both of you Lovely pic. Perfection is in here.. Made for each other
i want to thank all the friends of freakingnews that made me wish for my 25th wedding anniversary, you were all very sweet and i was very pleased to receive your best wishes, i want to thank you all from my wife also rose: thanks guys ... pixjockey, demboscky, splatshot, balodija, suni271980, stevegsq, ericnorthend ... thanks again to all of you guys ... i embrace you all are awesome a kiss to you all.
Happy Anniversary Here's to many more.
Beautiful couple. Congratulations on your union of 25 years................ So very well done my friend. I am sorry I was not around to reply in time

A Phoenix Always RisesFunny A Phoenix Always Rises
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A Phoenix Always Rises
Excellent work of Phonix rises from the Fire which engulfs her world gives a bold look Great going
ohh its so touching fire and beautiful soul, wings of fire is amazing

Terminator 5 - Rise of the ElvesFunny Terminator 5 - Rise of the Elves
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Who else could visit and destroy the entire world in a single night.
excellent poster design looks like a real movie productions were going on good one
Very cool placement in poster its very impressive work of poster
Very creative. One of my favorite chops in the contest

Axl RoseFunny Axl Rose - William Bruce Rose, Jr. turned half a century old past Sunday. Now hes known for weird-looking cornrows, showing up hours late to concerts, and touring with a band pretending to be Guns N Roses. From his tempestuous love life to his famous temper and rumours of rampant professional perfectionism, Rose's time in the spotlight has been far from quiet, and even as he reaches the age of 50, it is doubtful the wild man of rock will be settling down with a pipe and slippers any time soon. Happy Birthday, Axl Rose! To mark the 50th birthday of Axl Rose, photoshop him any way you wish.

RoseFunny Rose - Photoshop this rose (click to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this rose with some with some objects or animals, placing it into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Keb for sponsoring this contest and to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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