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Funny Tom Hanks Root Canel

Tom Hanks Root Canel
Tom Hanks Root Canal

Funny The Square Root Of Albert Einstein

The Square Root Of Albert Einstein
Member reactions:
Congrats SplatShot, on the Silver. Excellent, choice, great background.
Could easily be first. I rest my case Great job and grats on the silver, SS.
The square root of a brain is a terrible thing to waste. Had to say that.
Silver congrats, Splat. the fly.
Thanks, Peeps. He slaps that fly in a minuet. 'Hard'

Funny Tree with Musical Roots

Tree with Musical Roots
Member reactions:
That's pretty cool. Do you give PS lessons.
, thanks a lot to everybody for the nice comments Ficks I think I need to receive lessons not to give really , here are many great artists who really can give lessons and I still learn from their works. Thank you for the comment, I am honored.
a real beauty. Also shows how it takes some tree to make a violin.
nice chop Sun, ps. don't give free lessons

Funny Barack Obama's Presidential Roots

Barack Obama's Presidential Roots
Original "African" 3D source by Caio made with ZBrush and Photoshop. Please view full
Member reactions:
This really is good, great job. I congratulate him.
The whole chop is great, but the prez disk in his lip is just a genius idea.
"And he is going to eat your heart after he..." Shocking and unique chop-watch yer' back and Good Luck.
I just love this one pike,awesome work as always
Sort of surprised, I thought this or AZs was going to fight for the top spot. Brilliant charactature

Funny Tiger Woods Roots

Tiger Woods Roots
Member reactions:
, and this one belongs to and this one....

Funny Rooted Mick Jagger

Rooted Mick Jagger
Member reactions:
You know your getting old when this happens.

Funny Barack Obama's Roots

Barack Obama's Roots
You're not in Kansas anymore.

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