the great Mickey Rooney
the great Mickey Rooney
the great Mickey Rooney. Member reactions:
Top5 congrats, John. Great choice of image. Super Work...
Top Drawer work John. Congrats on a great finish.
This is as creepy as they freaking come hahahahahahahaha.... Great job John... Top 5 in this monster is really gud.... He11, top 20 is really gud.
Congrats on top 5.

Funny Sharon Rooney with Double Vision

Sharon Rooney with Double Vision

Funny Mickey Rooney as an Old Woman

Mickey Rooney as an Old Woman

Funny The New Cupid Mickey Rooney

The New Cupid Mickey Rooney
Mickey Rooney (born Joseph Yule, Jr.) September 23, 1920 - April 6, 2014 (aged 93) BEST VIEW
Member reactions:
Amazing work and Rooney will enjoy in heaven ..
Nice rendition of his happy-go-lucky expression
Pretty decent coloring of the face from B&W. Good luck
Darn cute little dude, congrats on the win.
Great job, congrats on the top cup. Looks like Arthur Godfrey a bit That may be a bit before your time Arthur
Thank you kindly to one and all … much appreciated. Love me some Mickey Rooney. Hitspinner … I grew up in the fifties and I am familiar with Mr. Godfrey ... I can see what you mean. Hopefully it looks more like Mickey Lol

Funny A Long And Wonderful Career for Mickey Rooney

A Long And Wonderful Career for Mickey Rooney
Member reactions:
Very clever tribute, with two sides, two ages, two lives of Mickey
Nice and Quality on this chop,,,Rooney we will miss you...
Great idea and execution… perfect face choices.
Congrats on the wood, Doc... Great idea and execution
Congrats, Doctor Paul … I'm not sure if I like the black and white side or the color side better … I guess I'm split down the middle
Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, Bob. Billy Mac.

Funny Mickey Rooney RIP

Mickey Rooney RIP

Funny Mickey Rooney the Angel

Mickey Rooney the Angel
Member reactions:
New house of Mickey Rooney that is heaven house,Excellent work
Splendid job done here … wonderful tribute and great chopping … he looks a bit like Bud Collins
Quality tribute, but I would dress him in white not black to show more of an angel in Mickey
Congrats Elegary … I agree with Newsie about the white suit versus black but nonetheless, it's a great chop.

Funny Mickey Rooney Tribute

Mickey Rooney Tribute
Mickey Rooney Pics
Member reactions:
Great tribute caricature. He kinda reminds me the young Rick Astley here
old cute smile in face i like the wa he did it
Nice looking chop … it really catches the eye. Lol Newzmaster
Thank you *Luciano, QMS, Evirio, Sulli, Eric, Thomas, Newsmaster and Doc. I am not very familiar with Rick Astley but am real familiar with this guy . Photoshop tip: An old photo-retoucher's trick is to always start with a sepia tone first rather than B&W to colorize. It makes a 1000% difference in believable color control.
Thanks Elegary, often low votes are statements by the low voters that their own art is so bad, the only way they feel they can win is by minimizing yours. Everyone gets them. Hopefully the admins get so insulted that somebody would do that on their watch that they raise he11. They are our champions. Thanks for the votes and comments, Doc, Luna C --> who I thought created the winning entry, Wanderer and Newsey
Congrats on the Silver Hitspinner … It was a close one, my weighted average was at 9.23 up until the very last vote which knocked it down to 8.981 … you never know what can happen at the last minute. A lot of fine work.
Thanks Bob, Pat and QMS. Yeah, we split the 2 available 300 Karma votes. So the contest was really decided by Armatien, Evirio, Eric and Pat the 200 Karma folks that did not enter. The remaining entrants that did vote looks like a really consistent cluster so it mostly was decided by the 4 200 karma. Pat (Geriatric) voted 10 for you and 9 for me which was the degree of separation thus the winning vote for you. So buy him a beer Well done on your win. I don't mind loosing to a better or equal chop.
Congrats on the win, he is so darn cute and as always Fantastic work.
Thanks Hobbit. Looks a little like Harry Potter's sidekick to me

Funny Young Mickey Rooney

Young Mickey Rooney
Member reactions:
Could use some red highlights, otherwise, w00t.

Funny Mickey Rooney with Two Girls

Mickey Rooney with Two Girls
Member reactions:
Decent colorization work. Pity the source photo came in low resolution.
The themeposts we publish are basically mid-sized thumbnails. If you want to use the larger version it's better to use the Google's "search by image function" on the themepost
I did that but I couldn't find one larger than 500ish

Funny Remembering Mickey Rooney

Remembering Mickey Rooney
Legendary actor who entertained audiences for more than 80 years, Mickey Rooney died on Sunday. He was 93. Mickey started acting at the age of 6 and became a box-office powerhouse in the 30s and 40s. Through his long life he had 8 wives and 9 children, and received multiple awards, including two Academy Awards. Rooney also got into Guinness World Records as an actor with the longest career on stage and screen. Sadly, America lost Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney both within a few months. It really is the end of an era. R.I.P. Mickey, you will be missed. To pay tributes to Mickey Rooney, photoshop him any way you wish. Themepost credit: The Boston Globe

Funny Andy Rooney

Andy Rooney
With 1,096 essays for "60 Minutes" under his belt, Andy Rooney will deliver his 1,097th on Sunday's broadcast of the TV news magazine. And it will be his last as a regular contributor, as he's retiring. The 92-year-old Rooney will announce his departure at the end of the program, where he has been featured since 1978, CBS News announced on Tuesday. It will be preceded by a segment in which Rooney looks back on his career with "60 Minutes" correspondent Morley Safer. "There's nobody like Andy and there never will be," said Jeff Fager, chairman of CBS News and "60 Minutes" executive producer. To mark the retirement of Andy Rooney, photoshop him any way you wish. Many thanks to GarRobMil for the contest concept.

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