Really Tied the Room Together
Really Tied the Room Together
Really Tied the Room Together. I'm a big fan of JB and, of course, Lebowski is one of my favorites. I wanted to do a relaxed, confident and breezy, nutty portrait of Jeff. By now he probably can be called the patron saint of all dudes, beach bums, and bum goof offs or goof-off wannabes. Hope you like.
Member reactions:
I bought a shirt like that but that's all.
Congrats on the bronze swashbuckle👍
Great atmosphere invented for Jeff - his true paradise indeed. The face is changed quite a bit though that it's not easy to recognize him. Mainly the face shape I think Bridges has a long face this one is round. Still a fine job though
Sharp as a tack.. Congrats on a terrific job and the Bronze, Swash.

Funny World Control Room

World Control Room
Member reactions:
The face seems to be reused from a previous chop. Please don't re-use the elements you photoshopped for your previous chops, as it falls under the recycling rule and can lead to removal of such entries.

Funny Security ? There is a man in my room

Security ? There is a man in my room

Funny The Dressing Room

The Dressing Room
No clowns were injured during the making of this picture.
Member reactions:
Yes it is, nice chop too. Great subject matter
Great job with lights and shadows. Strange sensation, It look like you lost some moments in catching the clown in the middle of the chop. Anyway excellent.

Funny The waiting room

The waiting room
Member reactions:
Clever idea, but hes feet look suspended.
Because they, haven't you ever sat like that.
The legs are in the air because her's holding them by the knees. I remember how I sat like this in my childhood

Funny Walking Dead in the Living Room

Walking Dead in the Living Room
Member reactions:
Better than the others, but apparently others disagree

Funny Vladimir Putin in Obamacare Waiting Room

Vladimir Putin in Obamacare Waiting Room
Member reactions:
All animals behavioural illness is covered in Obama care
, he looks like a Ukranian Cossack here.

Funny Dead Surreal Woman Sitting in Surreal Sitting Room

Dead Surreal Woman Sitting in Surreal Sitting Room
Member reactions:
Surreal wonder it is. Love the red bird cat.
This is just Awesome The Parrot and Cat Combination is just superb Cute doggie too
A Freaky and different concept.... putting a cat face on the bird and a devil face on the beauty is really appreciable
So let me guess,,, She's in the Cat/Bird's seat. great stuff here.
I want one of those strange looking cats, great job as always and congrats on the win.
Both incarnations of this did well. Thank you folks.... Ya'll rock and apparently like the surreal as much as I do
Congratulations Hit-man. I think the cat sold the picture, but my favorite is the freaky doll crawling on stage.
Thank you all again. Yep SS, The cat probably should be a chop all by itself. Gummy
Congrats... BOY, you must have some nightmares. What do you eat before going to beds...
Grumpy. The trick is not to sleep Hehe. Thanks everyone

Funny Woma in Her My Room Digital Art

Woma in Her My Room Digital Art
In this picture, I wanted to practice doing a digital background since I use a lot of photographs for my backgrounds. Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Like the painting.... The pink dress and shoes and the background is great.
Thank you very much, Balodiya, ericnorthend, and rajeshstar.

Funny Monkey's in the Sitting Room

Monkey's in the Sitting Room
Member reactions:
Fantastic setting Looks great.. Best of luck
While monkey chops are usually a cliche, you've really pulled the rabbit out of a hat and did an eye-candy here.

Funny Room Furniture

Room Furniture
You are asked to photoshop this image in this Apprentice Contest. We are asking you to redecorate this empty room. You can change this room into any other type room your heart desires. Creativity is the key here. Download the themepost here.

Funny High Tech Room Decoration

High Tech Room Decoration
Decorate and create a high tech room including TV's, Telephones, Computers and other consumer electronic devices using the provided source photo. Save the image and start decorating!

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