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Funny Romney Pictures

Obama-RomneyFunny Obama-Romney
Member reactions:

Romney ClausFunny Romney Claus
Member reactions:

Not Merry Xmas
Romney looks good in Santa's dress... and Obama is making fun of him with a freaky face Lovely composition and Obama in that bottle is amazing

Romney Pumps His Own GasFunny Romney Pumps His Own Gas
Member reactions:
Mitt Romney seen actually pumping his own gas.
He has kept his Hope Alive for next elections and by the time pumping his own Gas very funny Like the way Romney is designed and the Dog is guarding the car is so cute
Excellent work done good story created. neat and clean chop.
ha ha ha hysterical idea, Hilarius chop, freaky dog and crazy car with funky look and great staring girl in background is very genius placement with hording as she voted
Great chop, and I love it even more for details like - the homeless girl with the sign in the background and Hope poster. Bronze congrats too, Paul.

Member reactions:

Electoral college for retirement... very funny and Romney suits better to this chop

Mitt Romney & Paul RyanFunny Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan
Member reactions:

Laughing and smiling at the edge of the New Jersey Not aware of the outcome
red eye.. he lost it match fire in background is best suited for election result to him

Romney WinsFunny Romney Wins
Member reactions:

GO Mitt. Great use of Themepost & FN politically-oriented concept.
Romney Wins, Mitt Did it, Romney to take over and other news titles ... Very amazing... to see all of Romney on the newspapers.... great composition seen in putting together all Obama declares himself as President of Kenya... very funny as his face Love your entry all the best
Amazing chop... he perfect fits in the dress and cool news all around its clean and cleaver chop... I love his cap
Congrats, 2nd and 3rd. Always great pictures from you.
Congrats again on the double Mr. P.. I like his expression, cap & comp You've been a chopping machine obviously have the drive but where do u find the inspiration -->
Thanks, Newsy. I don't know where the inspiration comes from...the ideas just pop into my pea-sized brain.
No prob Paul....but where's Newsy. Lol. By the way, there's no prerequisite on brain size at FN...You have to go to Worth for that, .
Newsy is on the front page of "The Enquirer." Worth didn't seem to appreciate my sense of humor, Mr. F. Their loss.
Merci Mme BOULPIX. Thanks, My friend dd.
This is a true masterpiece. The magazines and newspapers is my favorite part. Borscht & The Enquirer cover. I'm Sarah Palin's other man indeed. Congrats on the silver, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. Please give my best to Sarah. .

Get Back on Track Elect RomneyFunny Get Back on Track Elect Romney
Member reactions:

Both look great and the train of Obama derails.... is this a prediction or a Freaky News
Cool face merge with Winning Vs Loosing expressions to both of them...perfect chop with cleaver tag of ..'Go back on Track' its very nice

Member reactions:

Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney
Amazing touch of lights, classic clear chop

Romney's Evil CurseFunny Romney's Evil Curse
Member reactions:

Great witchcraft at work. Had to laugh at the warning too.
This is really good. Make it even better by fixing the angle of the base of the crystal ball. It's way off in relation to the table.
Excellent Magic... the spell castes on the world lovely chop with the fire ball and Obama lying and creating all these magic very funny....
Thx everyone who has commented & voted so far .....
Cleaver mold of the source into a Voodoo toy and cursed with the thunder shock of death. its wonderful chop.. crisp and fantastic with freaky concept
Bronze congrats, Chili. Poor Barack and Michelle
Nice work Chili, I like the story it tells. Congrats on the bronze.
Congrats on the win and darn good job on your pic.

Romney hopes to get a head of Obama!Funny Romney hopes to get a head of Obama!
Member reactions:

Great placement of syringe and the candle in the room Romney is really expecting good results and with tension he is squeezing he head of Obama

Romney-Ryan Appeal to African AmericansFunny Romney-Ryan Appeal to African Americans - One of the biggest challenges in Romney-Ryan camp is to get votes from African Americans. The recent poll showed that Obama continues to beat Mitt Romney among African American voters with a staggering 94 percent to 0 percent lead. That zero is not a typo - not one of the surveyed black voters said he plans to vote for Romney. The remaining 6 percent said they were undecided. Shocked with the poll results, Romney-Ryan campaign managers are re-crafting the campaign messages to make them more appealing to African American voters. One blogger wrote in this regard "Forget the campaign messages. The only way Romney could get these black votes is if he changed his skin color". So, if Romney or Ryan were black, would they appeal to African American voters? Perhaps they should also design specific campaign posters appealing to black voters? Today you are a Romney-Ryan campaign manager and your task is to change Romney (and/or Ryan's) skin color to black. Additionally, you can design a Romney-Ryan campaign poster targeting African Americans, or show any ways how Romney/Ryan can appeal to black voters.

Romney-Who? 2012Funny Romney-Who? 2012 - Mitt Romney is preparing to select his vice presidential running mate and could announce his pick as early as this week, a top campaign adviser said Monday, as the campaign worked to refocus the presidential race. The Drudge Report claims that sources within Mitt Romney's presidential campaign say Condoleezza Rice, who served as secretary of state and national security adviser under President George W. Bush, is a "front-runner" for the running mate slot. Make your prediction of Romney's running mate, and design a campaign poster for them.

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