i-Phones for sale at the ancient market in Rome
i-Phones for sale at the ancient market in Rome
i-Phones for sale at the ancient market in Rome.

Funny Jeans Sale in Ancient Rome painting

Jeans Sale in Ancient Rome painting

Funny Tiger UpRising in Rome

Tiger UpRising in Rome
Totally expendable, survival was never a consideration. The Monkey and Ape were trained in fire and shipped from The Island of Gibraltar. Great in number and variety they are set loose throughout the districts to destroy. The Tiger has risen and is a gallant warrior, but ultimately he will fail in his efforts to save the region. Nero does only sit and watch as Rome is reduced to ash. Large Size Credit jinxmim
Member reactions:
Thanks Paul. Still tweaking it. Almost finished, maybe a little story to go with it. The internet is off then back on. Now the power is out. We are in a little tropical weather here in FL.
Thanks AzureSky. I hope not too scary, and that you enjoy the story.
Thanks my Friend Ricky. I am very pleased that you have enjoyed this work.
Its Awesome job to see the Tiger as a Warrior Its perfect fits to him as a brave and hard soldier very good Hidden on your work
Fine Job. Next time make your animal head it's true size. (Tigers are larger than a persons)It would make it more prominent in the picture.
Thank u Rajesh, happy you like it.. Thanks Nanny, a valid observation. Next time in the sequel Return of the Roman Tiger he shall have a big head.
Great story. I went to Gibraltar once, the monkeys climbed on me and tried to steal my handbag .
Nice looking chop SplatShot nice attention to detail and coloring I like the way the tiger appears to be mocking the expression of the chimp 5th place in the FS among this kind of talent is nothing to sneeze at Congrats
*~}{~* Thanks Eric. Thanks Steve. Thanks AzureSky. mischievous lil fellows aren't they. Thanks qtrmoonshop. I appreciate your comments, playing against such talent can only make one better.

Funny Washington in Rome

Washington in Rome

Funny The Colossus of Rome

The Colossus of Rome
Member reactions:
Good job. and nice shadow work from the statue

Funny Airplane Crashes in Rome

Airplane Crashes in Rome
Member reactions:
Excellent work with the fire, lightning and all added parts, truly excellent. But a plane crash would cause more chaos... people running away, building(s), objects and vehicles damaged - try to work that out, please. This image has potential and I would love to see the picture I could imagine - I smell a winner
I like how you did it in black and white and gave the flames the natural color.

Funny Robots For Sale in Rome

Robots For Sale in Rome

Funny Woman Commits Arson in Rome

Woman Commits Arson in Rome
Original by Maxfield Parrish

Funny Skeletons Shopping in Rome

Skeletons Shopping in Rome
Sure, lets go out for the day you say, we'll shop till we drop you tell me, and who gets stuck holding the bags. Me, thats who, and why did you wear heels if you knew we would be walking. Sometimes Mabel I just don't know about you. news story source images
Member reactions:
do you like my hat. oh my god, that is so 1693
Shop til you drop. "fancy a trip to the bone yard.
Full view is an absolute must, so many details here...
Does this skeleton make my jeans look big.
looks pretty good either way, wish I could see what the dog's bag says though.
looks pretty good either way, wish I could see what the dog's bag says though. --> It says Simply Organic. That was all I could read on it.
Simiply Organic Doggie treats. I can see it.
This is what shopping feels like to a guy.

Funny Absolut Rome

Absolut Rome
Cortile della Pigna Rome, Italy

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