Obama and Kim Jon Un Having a Romantic Stroll in Venice
Obama and Kim Jon Un Having a Romantic Stroll in Venice
Obama and Kim Jon Un Having a Romantic Stroll in Venice. Venice is such a romantic place for lovers.
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This seriously rocks. and looks like a real deal too.

Funny Elderly Couple have a Romantic Dinner in Bathroom

Elderly Couple have a Romantic Dinner in Bathroom
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its a bath tub dinner studded with candle lights and great perfume filled room... very funny and crazy couple

Funny Romantic Sarkozy and the Thinker

Romantic Sarkozy and the Thinker
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Excellent caricature and nice background. That's one gigantic squirrel.
Yeh, good background. Mans feet not on earth
I love all the french bashing here lately
Nice Job... Good Expression on the Face, Good Show
I may be missing something here as I am confused by this image. It is, however, nicely put together.
Nice Selection of the Charactergreat job done
Tks for the comments, I am slowly learning to compose scenarios etc. .. watching the great work I see aqui.tks

Funny Romantic Girl Digital Art

Romantic Girl Digital Art

Funny Garfield The Last Romantic

Garfield The Last Romantic
Animal Odd Couples A fragment of the story says: "In the Animal Kingdom, friendship often cross the lines of genus and species and results in some oddball inter-special relationships" I took these two characters familiar to all of us, and created a romantic scene, where Garfield shows his charm and sensuality to his partner Ratatouille. If you see the rose also acts as a fishing pole, from which hangs a piece of cheese, is a fanciful and funny thing I wanted to add to the work to show a romantic trap or a dangerous temptation which Ratatouille will face. Hope you like it _____________ 18 Stocks used, 2 days of work *Please Full View*
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I wish i knew the secret of getting an inage as clean as this. Awesome work.
Great work remind me of my work of Hunting Time too
Lol.I thought it was yours, Kratos. Must be that darn mr S. again then.
Mmmmm, i guess im not Mr S. too. Thanks for the comments guys, it took me a lot of effort Mr. Hidden
I thought it was a K piece also Jeremix, he must be giving hidden tutoring LoL Cute piece.
jere and Kellie .. i thought i did that in my dream too . i didn't gave any tutorial to anyone must be B i guess ^^
oops... you got me on this one too jere... ... or not... I thought it's kratos too... what a freaky chop here... mr. Hidden...
really good job
Belez congrats your critters are classy duo congratulations.
So it was you, Belez. really cute and really pro looking chop mate. Grats.
Congrats on the silver Belez, beautiful chop. I thought you had the gold.
thanks for all the comments, and rwpike i also thought that, i will have to keep on the try of get my 1st gold.
Congrats belez, awesome chop. It does look similar to something kratos might chop as noted in some comments. Perhaps the subject matter and color palette is similar.
Congrats on the Silver Belez... Pro Chop and Coloring..
Pro work on all counts. Congrats on the silver, Belez.

Funny Couple on a Romantic Holiday Looking at the View

Couple on a Romantic Holiday Looking at the View
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Quite endearing, the way she is snuggling up to him, and they said it wouldn't last. So, at this FreakingNews Retirement Village . . .. is there Bingo and Shuffleboard and Organized Trips to the Mall and Spaghetti Suppers... If so - count me in... (Over My Dead Body )
No Steve, there's pub crawls, poker nights & organised trips to the madhouse

Funny Romantic Scene

Romantic Scene
Romantic Serenity
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I get it. Very Nice... I like it. Good Job.
It looks like the shark is too long, his nose and the rest of his body seem to be too far apart, in my opinion.
Nice presentation here. has a cozy feel to it.
Very Nice. Captain Nemo would be impressed.

Funny Romantic Love in Gone with the Wind

Romantic Love in Gone with the Wind
True love is timeless

Funny Romantic Vampires

Romantic Vampires
Inspired by the song Romanticide by Nightwish

Funny Cats Under a Romantic Sunset

Cats Under a Romantic Sunset
Kitty and Claus enjoying a romantic sunset.

Funny Romantic Movies

Romantic Movies
Valentine's Day is just around the corner. Unfortunately there are hardly any good romantic movies in cinemas this week, except for Valentine's Day (2010) which got horrendously low ratings from the critics and an embarrassing score of 2.9 out of 10 at the RottenTomatoes site. Thus, if we really want Valentine's Day movies, there can only be one answer - the power of Photoshop. Take any non-romantic movie and give it a romantic/love theme. Example - think of how even horror, sci-fi, or drama movies can turn into romantic movies full of love, Valentine's hearts, roses, and teddy bears... Here's a good example by dosysod.

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