Ancient Roman Giant Found
Ancient Roman Giant Found
Ancient Roman Giant Found. Ancient Roman Giant Found
Member reactions:
Looks totally real. Might pass as a hoax. Love it
I reckon this will end up being passed off as real eventually out there in web-world
thanks I was hopin it would end up on Ancient Aliens next season :o)
It is a very cool, realistic presentation

Funny Roman helmet

Roman helmet

Funny Roman Polanski Failure

Roman Polanski Failure
Member reactions:
Shouldn't it be "Just because I think they are after me doesn't mean they are".
No, that would loose the humor He wouldn't be a true paranoid if he said that. The way it's worded in the chop confirms his belief without doubt.
I like the current wording - makes his paranoia a much stronger case. Quality chop, and very news-topical.
This one has a fair amount of that "Fractalius" plugin. I really considered this chop technically disposable as it came out far from what I planned. But hey, I guess you guys thought it was all right, placing 5th. Cool. I'll get better with that effect as time goes on. It can really add some beautiful touches to a chop. If you got it, try it on a mass of christmas lights, , it is so stunning how it explodes and fragments the light. I did a piece last night an my jaw dropped. Thanks for the votes
It is a gr8 plugin, I put a link to it in the forums earlier for peeps to have a play themselves I'm off to find some Xmas lights.
this one cool too Hitman you are ROCK , keep going

Funny Roman Polanski Set Free

Roman Polanski Set Free
Hide your kids.
Member reactions:
Hilarious. He also looks a tad like Dustin Hoffman here

Funny The Two Sides to Roman

The Two Sides to Roman
ROMANS SIN source Large a little easier
Member reactions:
The camera lens superimposed on Roman is intentional.
When in Rome, Do like Romans Do. Twisted

Funny Roman Soldier

Roman Soldier
Member reactions:
Lots of creativity and skills went into this one.
nice work jimshorts , congrats on the bronze and keep going

Funny Roman Warrior Andy Kaufman

Roman Warrior Andy Kaufman
Member reactions:
congrats icecream.. i knew your entry was gonna be the winner, brillant work...
i like this style very much. congratulations icecream
very nice work icecream. congrats on the gold.

Funny The Ancient Romans Were Aliens

The Ancient Romans Were Aliens
Member reactions:
Clever, and clean work. One of the best in the contest

Funny Roman Wristwatch Sundial

Roman Wristwatch Sundial
Feeding time for the lions. sources
Member reactions:
One of the most creative works in the contest. Would make a brilliant poster

Funny Roman Emperer Eliot Spitzer

Roman Emperer Eliot Spitzer
Parody of Big Daddy Kane's "Long Live The Kane"

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