Rolling The Stone
Rolling The Stone
Rolling The Stone. Member reactions:
Witty Work, Hidden. I like the face-off between the Snake and the Owl.
I wanted to bring Rolling Stones into mine but didnít have time. Great someone did a splendid job on the idea 😎
Woody congrats on this very clever and fun chop. Great job Manosart.

Funny Street Musician. Rolling Stone Clearance sale.

Street Musician. Rolling Stone Clearance sale.
Today everything for sale except the dog.
Member reactions:
Great Job matching the skin tone and contrast, Andrew. But the head perspective looks a little off or maybe even detached from the body.
Speaking of contrast, what if we add just a little.Still love your work.Click here
Signature work. There is a quality to the figure I canít figure out almost like a realist painter, Norman Rockwellesque
Thank you, guys. Still working to improve my skills and conquer my natural laziness.
Thank you, HoHouse.

Funny Rolling Stone Freaking News

Rolling Stone Freaking News
Oops ...When his mouth is closed he looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Funny On The Cover Of The Rolling Stones

On The Cover Of The Rolling Stones
Click Here For The hairy News Story
Member reactions:
Stunning, she is. Even without the beard.
Congrads on the Wood, and it wouldn't give me a Woodie
Me either Ho, I just do it as a form of sarcasm

Funny Trump & Roll

Trump & Roll
Member reactions:
Congrats Hits terrific chop. Turned up lip would have been a fun edition. That hair

Funny Rolling-Falling Stones

Rolling-Falling Stones
Member reactions:
Very funny.. everyone tried this hands on luck

Funny Rolling Cigars

Rolling Cigars
Rolling Stones unleash rock and roll on massive Cuban crowd
Member reactions:
A perfect title... Rolling Cigars.. like it.

Funny The Rolling Stones With Small Heads

The Rolling Stones With Small Heads
Member reactions:
source at

Funny Rolling Downhill in a Snowball

Rolling Downhill in a Snowball
Member reactions:
If you give motion effect to the ball, you must give same effect to the body.

Funny Man Rolling a Snowball

Man Rolling a Snowball
Member reactions:
The head of the man on the left looks out of the car. Is windscreen missing .
Freaking idea The ice ball looks in good shape.

Funny Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone
Rolling Stone magazine turns 40 years old this month. The July issue is completely about 1967. 1967 is being billed as the summer of Love. As you may have noticed, Rolling Stone has a lot to say about the Summer of Love. Theyíre commemorating that culturally rich period with a special double issue, exclusive audio from archived interviews and web features like an interactive map. It's a funny thing, I remember 1967 but I didn't get much 'loving' that summer. Design any type of image that could show today's music industry as it would have looked back in 1967. You know, psychedelic posters, bell bottoms, afro hair-do, anything related to 1967. Another option is to move 60's bands & band members into today's surroundings.

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