Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney Dangerfield
Rodney Dangerfield . Member reactions:
Ya can't go wrong with that face hahahahaha

Funny Rodney Dangerfield as an Old Woman

Rodney Dangerfield as an Old Woman
Member reactions:
Masterpiece....... Eyes, hair nails and Skin is perfect.
. Thank you everyone. I am happy you like it.
Fantastic, and hysterical as well Great work. I love the lipstick on the cigarette filter, but the cigarette itself looks more illustrated than the rest of the image IMO especially the black outline. Also wondered if you considered Rodney in the photo instead of Shatner. Top notch work nonetheless.
"You get no respect for this one." Rodney is laughing in heaven.
Excellent nightmare. Remember me the exploding face in "Total recall".
Hahahahah I Totally see that connection, Luciano. hahahahahah. Thank you Luciano, Nanny, AZW and Qmoon, yes I did consider him but thought it might be repetitive.
You are "ONE AWESOME PHOTOSHOPPER", congrats on the win, love it.
I heard you the first time, Hobbit Hhahahaha don't you hate those pesky double posts. Thank you so much
Didn't look like it took the first time, so I wrote it again.
Congrats on the Gold and Silver. I agree that you need to get rid of the black outline on the cigarette though.
I ignored that because it is not on the original file. I have no idea where that artifact is manifesting, Bob. I can barely see it on my monitor but since two of you have voiced the same I might have to do a little tweaking on calibration
Ahhhhh Hobbit I figured as much
So, how come nobody has uploaded their selfies for chopping in the new thread in the forum.
very funny.... congratulations HITSSS....
Gold Contrasts, Hitspinner. Super Masterpiece...
Congrats on the win. No one else stood a chance
Excellent work, was my Favorite, good win
Thank you Duane, AZW, Andrew, Nanny and Pree. Yeah, sometimes we get lucky and hit a bull's-eye. Thanks to you all for the votes that made it win.
Sure do, Bob. Click community, then click forums.
I think Shatner was a good choice it gives us a taste of both..great work.
Thank you Creativemess. Shatner is age and Icon appropriate I guess. Thanks PlumDumpling, Newsmaster and Gummy.

Funny Rodney Dangerfield Cristmas Card

Rodney Dangerfield Cristmas Card
I get No Respect.Santa
Member reactions:
Awesome entry. Perhaphs coul be better getting rid of the white edge around the hat.

Funny Rodney Dangerfield Caricature

Rodney Dangerfield Caricature
Rodney Dangerfield / American Comedy Legend - Caricatured Portrait Rodney Dangerfield (born Jacob Cohen, November 22, 1921 October 5, 2004) was an American comedian, and actor, known for the catchphrase "I don't get no respect.," and his monologues on that theme. He is also remembered for his 1980s film roles, especially in Easy Money, Caddyshack, and Back To School. more PLEASE VIEW IN HI-RES
Member reactions:
Excellent. I think it may look better without the buttons on his jacket.
This is awesome, I've always loved Rodney.
Thank you gentlemen ... "I was so poor growing up if I wasn't a boy, I'd have had nothing to play with" - R.D.
Excellent Caricature love the expressive eyes of his..... it has lot to tell about him nice chop with good finish on his face... its clean
Really it looks like the field is very dangerous Excellent caricature superb expression. Very clen job done here
Super and cool work, He looks so exhausted whats the matter pal Love the eye work
Thank You Kindly, All ... Love me some Rodney, he may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. "I was such an ugly baby, my mother never nursed me ... She told me that she only liked me as a friend" - R.D.
Bronze for Bill too, congrats. and what a wonderful caricature job it is.

Funny Rodney Pike Survives Flooding in Louisiana

Rodney Pike Survives Flooding in Louisiana
Parts of Louisiana Flood
Member reactions:
Toooo Funny , Rodney with love this one . Great Psing Hidden ....
,, my thoughts are with you hidden doing your google body search....
Lucky that the power is OFF or you'd have to put a glow around our favorite Caricaturist.
Excellent and funny chop ever seen... Like the way Romney holding the TV and its still working... and the Alligators waiting for their supper funny and daring act displayed... good job done
Thanks, suni...thanks, eric...thanks, rajeshstar.

Funny Rodney Dangerfield by Rembrandt

Rodney Dangerfield by Rembrandt

Funny Rodney Dangerfield as Superman

Rodney Dangerfield as Superman
Member reactions:
Yes respect given to Superman whoever wore his custom

Funny Rodney Pike Photoshopping Chair

Rodney Pike Photoshopping Chair
Member reactions:
Thanks, Disasterman...thanks, BOULPIX...and Thanks, Rodney for letting me make fun of you.
Absolutely practical as well as unarguably Inane. Love it.
I should get one of this I will wait to be at discount, ...great work..
So this is Mr pike secret..I should get one.
Thanks, G-Man...Thanks, Sunshin3 (you will get a big discount)...Thanks, rajeshstar...Thanks, Black ... ...Thanks, balodiya...Thanks, PsMandrake.
. I totally want one of these. Crapco Chair - for those intimate moments when you've just got to go (on chopping)
Thanks, Newsy...Thanks, G-Man...appreciate the comments, guys. Newsy, as soon as they're in production, you will get one.
is that wholesale/retail/american/canadian/mexican.....
That's American, robinbobin. But, for you, a special deal. Order now and get TWO for the price of one. Just pay separate shipping and handling.

Funny Rodney Pike's Caricature Secret Revealed

Rodney Pike's Caricature Secret Revealed
Sources used with permission from rwpike.
Member reactions:
i like all the images on the wall, the whole kitchen sink. cheers.
Amazing work, I don't think you would have room for anymore sources....I love the Jewish Paint by Number
hahah that's freaky cool .. i still laugh at my character there , thank you
Thanks, Mr. Pike...and again, thank you for granting me permission to use your awesome chops.
Freaking genius work. Now that Pike's secret has been revealed, we can all do caricatures easy. Just tell us where to order these Paint By Numbers kits.
Thanks, Newsy. Operators are standing by to take your order. Call now...1-800-PIKESTER
Calling now 1-800-WINNER. Congrats on the win, Paul.
Thanks, Newsy. I haven't heard the phone ring, though.
You really hit a home run with this one Paul, Congratulations on a well deserved GOLD
Congratulations on the gold PC. Top chop mate.
pcrdds this is wonderful... congrats on the win well deserved...
Very nice. one of your best. Congrads on the gold

Funny Rodney Dracula

Rodney Dracula
Member reactions:
It's not Dracula, guess again
Hey, I'm still around and paybacks is right.
Is Mr Pike. Lol
Somebody give this woman some garlic fast, or Pike-man gets her. Superb art, and Mr. Pike never looked better
the shadow on his legs doesnt match the light source on his face. awesome job in the cape reflection
Nice work. Surprised you waited this long.
Silver congrats, Hitspinner. Can't wait for the Pike rebuttal.
Anybody else see what Gandolfe is talking about. On this monitor it looks like diffused deep shadow from multiple light sources... city light. Doesn't look bad at all. Oldman, I just last week ran across that source pic of Rods and it wasn't much better than a thumb. People love to be chopped but supply lousy sources and I don't have all the bells, whistles and gadgets to salvage low resolution pics like some people. So, I am more apt to chop you if I have something large enough to work with. Thanks for the votes
"Congrats on the silver HS, by the way: Doh. Who is Mr Pike man, I'm not up to speed on US Celebs scene, is he another Moron from any of the day-time chat shows. Wiz
hey that's cool work hitman .. pike looks cool there nice detailing and reflects work .. congrats on the silver and keep going hit-guy ..
Silver for Hits, congrats. Part of the winnings will be donated to Mr. Pike
Nice work all around on this Hits. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats on the silver, cool effects. Mr. Pike is a handsome vampire, it fits him well
Thanks, all. No Wiz. Mr. Pike is R.W. Pike here on FN. He's a pretty swell guy. He used to be an average chopper then fell into a bucket of radioactive cartoonist ink and transformed into Toon-O-Man, an A+++ class chopper that makes people vote 10 even though they curse his name with enveous rage. Hahahahahahahaah
Congrats on the silver hitspinner. Freaking funny good work.
Congrats on the silver Hitman. I guess I had it commin' It's my turn now.

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