Rocky painting
Rocky painting
Rocky painting.

Funny Rocky

Member reactions:
Excellent, and Stitches are a great touch.
Thanks. , another one close in the leader pack. I guess I was favored by the chop Gods, huh.

Funny Rocky in Love with Mr T

Rocky in Love with Mr T

Funny Rocky The Sequel

Rocky The Sequel

Funny Donald Trump in the Rocky Horror Picture Show

Donald Trump in the Rocky Horror Picture Show
Trump Might Win Trump May Have Gone To Far Trump Just Might Make America Great Again
Member reactions:
Or he may just start WW3 too. Go tell Putin "Your Fired" and see where it gets ya.
Thanks, Gummy. He could if given a chance. But good common sense tells me... that the Republican Party will steer as far away from the Don as possible. In the end Donald Trump is no Barry Goldwater.
Very well done... like pose he given and the octopus arms creeping for him looks so terrific
Thanks Raj, Gummy, Hits, Bob, and Elegary. Thanks Everyone for all the great comments and votes.
Cocky Horror, hahaha. Hilarious and impressive. Congrats on the bronze, Splat.

Funny Rocky Balboa and Dolph Lundgren on Valentine's Day

Rocky Balboa and Dolph Lundgren on Valentine's Day
Member reactions:
Could be the best one. The pity is that every writing or painting on the wall should let see the bricks.
Great chop, but needs Rocky's face color adjustment. Congrats on the wood, Andrew.

Funny Sylvester Stolone in Rocky

Sylvester Stolone in Rocky

Funny Rocky Minimalist Movie Poster

Rocky Minimalist Movie Poster
Member reactions:
Now this is called the punch, cool light effect and the Gloves is symbolic to the Classic Rocky, one of my Fav

Funny Rocky The Squirrel Astronaut

Rocky The Squirrel Astronaut
All Packed and ready.
Member reactions:
Lovely squirrel and its little space suit
Looks great nice little touch of the nuts too

Funny Rocky Goes To Australia and Fights a Kangaroo

Rocky Goes To Australia and Fights a Kangaroo
Member reactions:
ha ha ha the little is born fighter very Hilarious good one
Bang from both the ends by the kangaroos good very funny
The little one delivers the knockout poach-punch, hahaha. Seriously great job here.
Thanks, Mr. F. Thanks, penaplonk. Thanks, Bob.
Nice Job Paul. Rocky looks horrible. The low blows must have left the head shots wide open for ApolloRoo. **
Thanks, Tim. Thanks, G-Man. Thanks, SplatShot.

Funny Rocky Balboa

Rocky Balboa
"Rocky Balboa," the sixth installment in the Rocky series starring Sylvester Stallone opened in the theaters this week. Despite many drawbacks, critics agree it's the best Rocky movie since Rocky 5. Following a classic Rocky plot, 60 year old Stallone plays the underdog who fights the young champion. The fight scene is quite symbolic - Stallone is beaten to the point where he looks half-dead and resembles a horse. In this contest you are asked to design a poster for Rocky Balboa movie, come up with a sequel, or merge Rocky Balboa movie with any other movie. Feel free to change movie names and actors if you wish.

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