Barack Obama Strapped to a 4th of July Rocket
Barack Obama Strapped to a 4th of July Rocket
Barack Obama Strapped to a 4th of July Rocket. Hope everybody had a great 4th of July
Member reactions:
That's the cover of Elton's John's "Rocket Man" single, .
I call this a darn good start Well done and top 5 congrats
Thank you all for the nice compliments :0)

Funny Man Ties a Woman To a Rocket

Man Ties a Woman To a Rocket
it's just for fun
Member reactions:
Take me to the moon, baby Well, he did, hahaha.
Ha ha ha a real story of some Freaky couple...she must have listened
Was it true love . He is wearing a size 13 plus shoe.

Funny Vladimir Putin Making Rockets

Vladimir Putin Making Rockets
Member reactions:
Fabulous illusion with glare of lights all round creates a feel something important project going on Putin wants his rocket to go beyond moon Great job and good caricature on him
I think the front is brilliant. I don't understand the ship or water or background, except the color matches. I wish the moon was blue.
Master job done Smart work done with the lights
Fantastic chop . Rocket hologram is a clever touch.
Fantastic work with lights and shadows here. I wish Putin was more recognizable here. Also the ship in the background would probably fit better if it was a modern military ship. Still a great chop though.
Congratz once Again...just keep'em coming.
Great chop all around, I agree with Newsey. In the case of Putin, maybe less is more. I don't know, I don't really chop him much. Doc probably has a better angle on this guy. Your layering is awesome, not too much, not too little. Bronze congrats young master...
Congrats Elegary... again, the lighting looks fantastic.

Funny Man Opening An Alien Rocket

Man Opening An Alien Rocket
Member reactions:
Terrific. What's the name of the rocket . ( I don't know alien language yet )
плохо, что идет бум
Yikes. I can feel the radiation emission from this chop. Well Done. and so is the curious rocket inspector. Great Idea.
Opening Alien rocket turns you to become one of them great work using the green fumes and aliens hovering around him good one
Such a great story. Love it, love the textures.
Congrats on the win, Hitz. As a bonus you get a golden rocket and a ticket to Mars
So busy I am getting behind. Newsey. I'd go too. Thanks NM, Doc, Alias, Luciano, Icy, Rajesh, Armatien, Jim, Splatshot, and Evirio.
Hey, Hits, that translated message hardly makes sense ("bad that we go, bang")
I replied to the Google translator "Bad thing that goes BOOM." in reply to you. Lol and that is the translation it gave me hahahahaah that is so funny. Thanks Pat and Bob.
Usted es bienvenido. He estado disfrutando de los concursos de los últimos tiempos. Pero voy a frenar un poco. Gracias por el buen cumplido usted.
My goodness, I love this one, you rock as always. Congrats on the win...

Funny Rocket People Movers

Rocket People Movers
Member reactions:
Funny, but I would add shadows from the guy on the sofa and fix the masking on the "Nielsen" guy
Hahahahaah there is just something about Leslie Neilson that is so chopable. Funny stuff D.

Funny Peter Gabriel Going to Space on a Rocket

Peter Gabriel Going to Space on a Rocket
So, I got his song in my head since this contest has been launched... Now it's time to send this rocket to outer space. Bye Peter. Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
Member reactions:
Ahh, that song is freaking classic. Thanks for reminding - listening to it now too... Cool chop

Funny Man Smoking a Rocket Bong

Man Smoking a Rocket Bong

Funny Barack Obama Goes For A Ride On His Rocket

Barack Obama Goes For A Ride On His Rocket
Member reactions:
Ah Yes, But Obama Has Recklessly Penetrated the White House's No-Fly Zone. One can only hope the military does the right thing, and ask questions later. Nice Idea Hidden.
Nice view... Obama with sparkles which makes the rocket fly higher good view and the drones protecting him
This is super-duper lovely. Makes me think of Dr. Strangelove movie too
Congrats on the wood, Paul. To congratulate you Putin and Obama will exchange some rocket launches.
Hah. Obamahammer, that's funny. Well and funny chop, Doc, congrats
And what's a contest without Dr. Chuckles. Congratulations.

Funny Mr Bean and His Rocket

Mr Bean and His Rocket
Member reactions:
I thought Elton was the Rocket-Man. But Bean works just fine. Cool Choppage Hidden.
Bean looks handsome in this caricature... well illuminated and cracks on the house made due to the ignition of rocket is awesome good reality work
Excellent job done here. Some doubts about the shadow under the ship.
Congratz Elegary. Nicely done.
, excellent work. I love the cartoon style and the colors rock. Congrats on the silver cup.

Funny Wile E. Coyote with a Rocket and The Road Runner

Wile E. Coyote with a Rocket and The Road Runner
Beep. Beep. Sources
Member reactions:
thanks Balo, I'm glad you like it. But unfortunately the voters don't seem to be too impressed with a cartoon.
Thank you LU. Thanks NewsMouster ah new name, I like it.

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