IPOD Robot
IPOD Robot
IPOD Robot. . Member reactions:
Interesting thought it looks like unfolding model of a cell phone rather than iPod. The helicopter source is quite pixelated
Top 5 congrats...... Very transformerish..

Funny Robot pulling his skin off

Robot pulling his skin off

Funny I, robot

I, robot

Funny Freedom Robot

Freedom Robot
Full View plz... Unresized Image. Member reactions:
Fantastic work, but it looks like the eyes were made with one eye photo symmetrically flipped. This makes the face look a bit cross-eyed
Out of the box, excellency on the chop with the robo arm and full body and the wire on the face are very well implanted.I love his green eye
"non crossed eyes Now".... Fixed for ya newsy...thanks u for the advice hope u like it now my friend
Well illuminated robotic leader protecting its citizens and giving freedom for their lives... Lovely way you have designed this chop and the robotic touch given to him RIP

Funny Teapot Robot

Teapot Robot
You May Prefer Full View ... Member reactions:
Full of creative gadget in Kitchen I guess it is gettin charged from stove
It can make Tea, Serve tea and clean all the cups also very innovative robo design from the source pic
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Superb job.
Congrats, Silvercanine. It was my favorite in contest.

Funny Rusty robot

Rusty robot
Sources. Member reactions:
Thank you, Andwhat, pcrdds, berdulano and Aplatshot.
Thanks Kellie.
Give that poor robot a can of oil and put him to work. Excellent Job.
Excellent. A lot of great work that paid off nicely nice touch with the dying flower
aaaaaamazing composition... is wonderfulllll...... i like tooooooooooooooooooo
aaaaaamazing composition... is wonderfulllll...... i like tooooooooooooooooooo
This is called a Mind Blowing Job 10+++++++++++
Phenomenal Job. Lost in Space on Steroids..
a "golden" silver my friend one, two... oh no trhee bag of congratulations for this fantastic composition my friend... bravo.....
Silver Congrats jeremix so much patience you have very well constructed within it's parts, and the overall rust effect achieved quite nicely. I love the way you constructed the hand especially.For me, it would look even better if the glass was clear on the backside of the brain showing the sky behind it, but that's a nitpick great work.
This is so freaking brilliant, I'll just stand here clapping and shouting "Jere Jere Jere."Congrats on the silver.P.S. and I like the Dutch houses in the background too
Great elements, great blend + great chop.It's been a while since I have seen you active. Good to see you haven't lost your touch
thanks a bunch, guys. I don't think i'm back though. Chopping makes me nervous and makes me wanna smoke again and drink to much coffee and all that. Once or twice a year seems to be my max these days. I bought a nikon d7000, so next time i participate it might be with my own sources.

Funny Retro Robot

Retro Robot
SOURCE PICS. Member reactions:
Excellent work on the Car.... awesome concept and lovely robotic look given Great job done on the sources images
Amazing Rise of the Moon transformer with Green Head
Thank you also Disasterman,geriatric & robin

Funny Robot firefighter

Robot firefighter
... Member reactions:
Great Transformation You can use your skills in Transformers Team really like your idea and the chop... its a freaky transformation of 3 wheelers
One of the Best creative work I have ever seen, color-shinings-lightnings-shadows Out of the box.
Very well design Innovation work done Should be placed all over.
Awesome blending and great imagination. Grats on the bronze mix master.
Well, this work with the source image is breathtaking. Jere is one heck of a rocket / car scientist.Congrats on the bronze.

Funny Robot Space Cop

Robot Space Cop
Sources. Member reactions:
Great use of sources, specially that Bee eye and the robotic arm... Love to see our home planet Earth.. and what is that other planet. Looks similar to Earth
Amazing parts fully loaded and eerie attack on space its very cool work
Ha Ha Great, Nice idea wherever you go Cops will be there

Funny Early Robot

Early Robot
. Member reactions:
HA. Obama looks like a piece of furniture--Great.
Great transformation of the wooden deck and the Laser Beams emitting out from that pipe is astonishing
Brilliant, You have show the scope of a Desk.. Genius PS
omg i should of know it was yours.. congrats.. pcrdds.....
Congratulations on your victory Paul.The lil animal action going on in the background gave it away to me pree..
Yeah...can't fool you, Splatshot. You should have known, pree. Thanks, pree and Splatshot.
Great Psing Paul , Congrats on the gold ....
thats what i ment Splat,, I saw it afterwards,,ol
Thanks, Chili Man. Thanks, vic. Thanks, Miss Pree.
Awesome work Pcr, like it a lot. Congrats on the gold and keep it up.
Thanks, Lady Sunshin3. Thanks, Wanderer. Thanks, Bob.
Beautificent.Clint Eastwood looks perfect as mad scientist.Congrats on the gold, Paul.

Funny Robots in Sports

Robots in Sports
This Sunday dozens of robots at an indoor field in Tokyo are playing soccer to a great amusement of Tokyo residents. Other robots are standing nearby, dancing and cheering the player robots. Photoshop any kind of robots (except cyborgs) in any sports. While any robots are allowed (including the famous ones from movies, etc.) we do not allow cyborgs in this contest, so please do not photoshop people into robots.

Funny Old Robot

Old Robot
Photoshop old robot image any way you wish. Examples may include upgrading this robot, finding him a job, showing him doing things humans do, or even including this old robot into famous paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Art Robot

Art Robot
Japanese scientists have created a new generation robot which reacts with complex human emotions to almost every word it hears. The robot is called Kansei, and has 19 movable parts to show facial expressions and its database contains over 500,000 keywords constantly updated online. Kansei smiles when he hears "Tokyo," and smiles at "Paris" unlesss followed by "Hilton" - then it shudders. In this contest you are asked to add robots or robotic machines to art work, or make a complete replacement of any character in paintings with a robot. Feel free to build new robots or use existing ones, however, you are Not allowed to turn figures in paintings or sculptures into cyborgs.

Funny Robots Like Humans

Robots Like Humans
[ Scientists are trying to make new robots more human. Such robots will exhibit adaptive learning behavior and will learn things not pre-programmed into them. They will also recognise humans as humans, instead of just "any other objects". ] If humanization will include functions like "cutting a fart" and "scratching a butt", I am all for making robots as human as possible. And I like the idea that robots will "recognize humans as humans, instead of just 'any other objects'". This way you can tell a robot to shoot turkeys for Thanksgiving, without worrying about human casualties. I am sorry, did I say "robot"? I meant Dick Cheney. In this contest you are asked to photoshop celebrities and politicians as robots.

Funny Robots in Iraq

Robots in Iraq
Create / show robots doing dull, durty and dangerous jobs in Iraq. Generic robot entries not showing any connection to Iraq will be disqualified.

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