Kid Invents Mosquito Killing Robot
Kid Invents Mosquito Killing Robot
Kid Invents Mosquito Killing Robot. A 12 year-old kid invents a mosquito killing robot Pictured here is the inventor, David Cohen.
Member reactions:
I want one of these during summer. I hope it's remote-controlled too
No one should be without one . Very cite chop, Doc and congrats on the silver. Cool radio.. Old time Philips or something.
Thanks, everyone. Might be a Phillips, Tim.
It looks a lot like the one we used to listen to over at grandpas and grandmas. Hahahaha that goes almost as far back to a time when they cut hair as well as pulled teeth. These younglings don't know much about those days Heheheh. Yes sir, a shave, a trim, a whisky and down to business

Funny Vintage Robot Car

Vintage Robot Car
Member reactions:
Gotta love it. and it's all from one source photo too - fantastic.
Excellent exercise of fantasy and technics

Funny Building A Giant Robot

Building A Giant Robot
Member reactions:
Fantastical. ... Excellent imagination and execution.
Yes yes, love this masterpiece.. Got a Homer Simpson look
Very nice. Love how you put the people working on it.
. This looks amazing in this condition also..
Thanks, toledo, Bob, Mr. Black and Andrew.
... I had no idea this was yours Doc, definitely one of your best.

Funny IPOD Robot

IPOD Robot
Member reactions:
Interesting thought it looks like unfolding model of a cell phone rather than iPod. The helicopter source is quite pixelated
Top 5 congrats...... Very transformerish..

Funny Robot pulling his skin off

Robot pulling his skin off

Funny I, robot

I, robot

Funny Awesome Robot Coffee Grinder

Awesome Robot Coffee Grinder
Chop built entirely from the source photo provided. Nothing else
Member reactions:
Amazing work with just one source photo. Totally love your creation.
Awesome chop... coffee beans are decorated in the background and the Bong of weed emitting some smoke to make the surrounding filled up with Bong smoke good one
Thank you, Doc , DDB, NM, Silvercanine, Balodiya, Eric, Rajesh. You pushed me over the 60 mark. It seemed like it would never come. Rajesh, thank you, they were simulated to look like coffee bean wallpaper but is actually a small sampling of the red 1/2 dome the crank handle fits into... then multiplied from the one. Not a perfect job but works, thanks
Good job on this, looks fantastic. Congrats on the win.
Thank you and Bows and goes back to chopping something so stupid it may never see the light of day

Funny Obama Robot on the Job

Obama Robot on the Job
Member reactions:
. Would you rather listen to Obama fiddle . :0)

Funny Steaming Teapot Robot

Steaming Teapot Robot
You May Prefer Full View ..
Member reactions:
Full of creative gadget in Kitchen I guess it is gettin charged from stove
It can make Tea, Serve tea and clean all the cups also very innovative robo design from the source pic
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Superb job.
Congrats, Silvercanine. It was my favorite in contest.

Funny Talking Robot in Space

Talking Robot in Space
Hush up . The dang thing hasn't shut up since it got here.

Funny Robots in Sports

Robots in Sports
This Sunday dozens of robots at an indoor field in Tokyo are playing soccer to a great amusement of Tokyo residents. Other robots are standing nearby, dancing and cheering the player robots. Photoshop any kind of robots (except cyborgs) in any sports. While any robots are allowed (including the famous ones from movies, etc.) we do not allow cyborgs in this contest, so please do not photoshop people into robots.

Funny Old Robot

Old Robot
Photoshop old robot image any way you wish. Examples may include upgrading this robot, finding him a job, showing him doing things humans do, or even including this old robot into famous paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Art Robot

Art Robot
Japanese scientists have created a new generation robot which reacts with complex human emotions to almost every word it hears. The robot is called Kansei, and has 19 movable parts to show facial expressions and its database contains over 500,000 keywords constantly updated online. Kansei smiles when he hears "Tokyo," and smiles at "Paris" unlesss followed by "Hilton" - then it shudders. In this contest you are asked to add robots or robotic machines to art work, or make a complete replacement of any character in paintings with a robot. Feel free to build new robots or use existing ones, however, you are Not allowed to turn figures in paintings or sculptures into cyborgs.

Funny Robots Like Humans

Robots Like Humans
[ Scientists are trying to make new robots more human. Such robots will exhibit adaptive learning behavior and will learn things not pre-programmed into them. They will also recognise humans as humans, instead of just "any other objects". ] If humanization will include functions like "cutting a fart" and "scratching a butt", I am all for making robots as human as possible. And I like the idea that robots will "recognize humans as humans, instead of just 'any other objects'". This way you can tell a robot to shoot turkeys for Thanksgiving, without worrying about human casualties. I am sorry, did I say "robot"? I meant Dick Cheney. In this contest you are asked to photoshop celebrities and politicians as robots.

Funny Robots in Iraq

Robots in Iraq
Create / show robots doing dull, durty and dangerous jobs in Iraq. Generic robot entries not showing any connection to Iraq will be disqualified.

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