RoBo Hog
RoBo Hog
RoBo Hog.

Funny Robo Marine The Fighting Machine

Robo Marine The Fighting Machine
The Marines now have robots that carry and fire heavy machine guns Sources
Member reactions:
Cool Stuff. Makes me wish I could see the sources.
Great chop'n, Champ. Thanks for the sources. Nice building
Didn't see this one: this is great .

Funny Robo Cartman South Park Robocop Movie

Robo Cartman South Park Robocop Movie
Full/Original View please
Member reactions:
the robot message "Respect My Authoratay...".

Funny Robo Caller

Robo Caller
yes even canadian politics can be this interesting, this pic centers around harassing phone calls alledged by the NDP against the conservative party of Canada. The oppositition(NDP) alledge that phone calls from the conservatives were used to prevent people from voting in the last election.The conservatives deny any such involvement,claiming its the liberal parties fault for the harassing calls. The NDP want blood,and the phone company in question is now threatening lawsuits against some NDP members because of defamatory remarks made. , all I need now is the popcorn to go with this circus. I wanted to wait until the news of the week came around again,but I figured it is a circus what is happening in Canada.
Member reactions:
It sums up how much I hate those silent calls from automatic diallers.
From Tele-Operator, Tele-Caller to Robo-Caller Nice advance in technology Great work with robo, nice sheid worn with great lighting and smoke effects.. specially the bald head and a wound is too good
That's right. I'm from Canada myself, and I think this is great...

Funny Robo Penguin

Robo Penguin
Thanks to Trey Ratcliff and Stuck in Customs for the Backdrop image Backdrop image Penguin image
Member reactions:
Excellent job on the peng, and I like how you did the robo-igloos.

Funny Robo Ketchup Bottles

Robo Ketchup Bottles
Used 217 Ketchup bottles to achieve this work
Member reactions:
congrats on the Gold mate...well much work in your pic...
Phenomenal work, from just one source. It's amazing what can be done with just a ketchup bottle.
Thanx for all ur votes and encouragement.
Hi Sunshin, Hi rwpike, Thanx for ur wishes.

Funny Robo Jack Black

Robo Jack Black
Member reactions:
I like it, but he lost some resemblance without his hair and beard
I thought it's will be in top 4 SOURCE IMAGE

Funny Robo Penguin

Robo Penguin
Made entirely from the source image provided.
Member reactions:
Good concept of converting her to Penguin, well done

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