Robin Williams
Robin Williams
Robin Williams. Member reactions:
Really a Nice Job, Icy. Picked up a little blur due to the original submission size. But nonetheless my favorite.

Funny Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin
Batman leaves Robin sad.
Member reactions:
Thanks. This was the entry that switching the servers ended up using my early version of Adam without his small wings. Sorry Mr West.

Funny I Still Have Robin

I Still Have Robin
Member reactions:
Sweet. Nice designing but I think the head dimensions got away from you. I did the same thing on mine, a little too big. So, we can hold hands and cry

Funny robin williams

robin williams

Funny Robin Quivers and Jackie Martling Eating Fruit and Vegetables

Robin Quivers and Jackie Martling Eating Fruit and Vegetables
Robin Quivers and Jackie the Jokeman Martling Having Lunch at the Friars Club.
Member reactions:
Top 5 congrats, Pree. Peppers and Bannanna... sounds... revolting hahahahahah.
Great caricatures, very nice work preemiememe.
It should end higher, excellent job Pree .

Funny Robin Williams in Old Dogs

Robin Williams in Old Dogs

Funny Robin Williams Playing all Roles in License to Wed

Robin Williams Playing all Roles in License to Wed

Funny Robin Williams Dressed as a Woman

Robin Williams Dressed as a Woman
Member reactions:
could do with the brightness being toned down a little bit in my humble opinion

Funny Barack Obama as Robin Hood

Barack Obama as Robin Hood
Obama seeking tax increases on wealthy to help middle class This movie is just a remake.
Member reactions:
Well suited pic for news link.... at last his inner voice told him to help middle class... good Robin Hood type character

Funny Robin Williams Smiley Face

Robin Williams Smiley Face
Member reactions:
Congratulations on the Gold. To be honest, I wasn't impressed with this chop, but boy I sure was wrong according to the votes. I realized what it was after some examination and realized the mustard color is not appealing to me aesthetically. The work is good enough to grab 800 in 10s. You are on a roll.
thanks guys. yeah, i see what you mean hits. it isn't the nicest color. i just made the face as is the smiley, but a bit less greenish might have worked better. i made another one because i wasn't pleased with this one and thought the other one turned out better.
You really made something great out of this. Kudos.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. I liked the guy in the frame even more. The smiley face color is fine in this setting I think, yellow-orange might work well too. Numero uno out of 79 entries - you know how to steal the show. Congrats again.
Nice to see you atop the leader board. Maybe 2015 will free up some time for me to chime in once in a while. Hope you are doing well. Happy Holidays. ; )
thanks bmore. nice to see you too. hope you'll find some time and happy holidays to you as well.

Funny Remembering Robin Williams

Remembering Robin Williams
Sad news this Tuesday - American actor and stand-up comedian Robin Williams died at the age of 63 from an apparent suicide. Williams' humor was genius, and he made us laugh through the years with his jokes. Personally, however, he has been going through lots of issues including alcohol and cocaine addiction. Lately Robin has been suffering from depression and went through a rehab treatment this summer. His wife Susan Schneider said Williams used humor and jokes to get away from depression, and sometimes he would laugh till he cried. RIP Robin, you will be missed. To pay tributes to Robin Williams, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Remembering Robin Gibb

Remembering Robin Gibb
Robin Gibb, singer with the legendary British band the Bee Gees, has died past Sunday, after a lengthy battle against cancer. He was 62. Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb scaled the heights of the pop world in the 1970s with disco hits including How Deep Is Your Love, Stayin' Alive, and Night Fever. The band notched up record sales of more than 200 million since their first hits in the 1960s. To pay tributes to Robin Gibb, photoshop him any way you wish.

Funny Robin Hood + Iron Man = ?

Robin Hood + Iron Man = ?
Newly opened Robin Hood movie has claimed #1 box-office spot worldwide, but by a very narrow margin over Iron Man 2, which ran for its second week. In fact domestic ticket sales showed Iron Man 2 as a winner for the second week, but overseas bows & arrows rule. Even though Robin Hood was smartly positioned visually and thematically between Gladiator and Braveheart, it suffered here from too many prior film versions of this tired tale. So far the US public seems to prefer comic book hero to bows & arrows hero. Merge Robin Hood (2010) movie and Iron Man (1 or 2) movie any way you wish.

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