Roberta De Niro
Roberta De Niro
Roberta De Niro.

Funny Roberta and Jane

Roberta and Jane
Digital art
Member reactions:
Very nicely done, Joan. You are getting pretty darn good at these montages

Funny Roberta DeNiro in Drag

Roberta DeNiro in Drag
Member reactions:
it could use some finishing touches on the outlines, for example, softening the hair/fether outlines and getting rid of some white edges on the hand and chair, maybe "smoothning" the armlines a bit, but other than that it is really cool. love the face.
obey my commands, humble photochopper. looks good.
I thought, it'll be winner. Congrats first 5.
That's what I thought too. Grats on the top 5 win.
My husband loved this one in particular. I felt the head didn't quite fit the hat. But that is me nit picking. sorry x
What hat. Thanks all. It was doing well ... then crashed.
Love the hat Hits Hey nicely done in a very tight race, and think u would admit this is not your best work
Congrats Hitman....Roberta never looked so good. Don't get me wrong...I'm no expert on Drag-Queens. But I feel you were spot on target with this one.
I can see the bow now, What I should have said was the head is not big enough at the back. Wonderful apart from my little nit pick. Still brilliant though. Tim is a master.
Lol Splat, of course it's a bow, just jerkin your chain, bout Azure's nitpik
I played with my monitor contrast a wee bit and now I see how it can be mistaken for a hat. Duhh I was scratching my head thinking what are they going on about, it's a bow. LMFAO Great, now we have that sorted out. This chop is standard issue, no frills due to the stereotypical expectations of this sort of contest. I was thinking it would wind up with 60+ entries and just be a swap fest so I didn't put all the bells and whistles into it. But I thought it was enough to place. It had the early votes for sure up to around 11 am PST then ... who knows. I almost didn't enter anything but I got a couple of paying gigs so I bought some chopping time. Love chatting with you folks, thanks
thought it would place, too. anyhows, grats on your paying gigs.
Thanks Jere. Ultimately, unless you are the flavor of the month or blessed by the Gods these things are a crap shoot... and even then hahahaha
I'm sure it would have won if it weren't for that hat.

Funny Roberta De Niro as a Woman

Roberta De Niro as a Woman
Member reactions:
Congrats on the great chop Grabthar. I'm not getting a woody from this "girl".
Congrats Grabs ....4th out of 135 is just brilliant
very nice... a great chop.. its soo disturbing its fantastic.,, congrats grabthar
This is freaking hilarious. De Niro as Granny totally rocks.
Congrat's Grabtar, old Niro, well dne work, beautifull. Cheers Mandrak

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